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5 Visionary Secrets to Shift from Chaos to Clarity

5 Visionary Secrets to Shift from Chaos

It happens every February. I get overwhelmed and I say “I’m gonna change this. I’m finished.” Then February roles around again and there I am residing in a stressed out place of ‘What the Fu!k is happening?’

I organize three events that all happen within 3 weeks of each other.

Birth Herstory – my annual virtual summit for mothers in celebration of Black History Month.

Fernie Craft & Artisans Fair – always the last weekend in February

Goddess Rising – A local celebration for International Women’s Day the weekend closest to March 8th.

So last year when I said ‘I’m finished – I can’t offer all these events so close together!” I scheduled the 2015 Birth Herstory for the first weekend in February. Perfect!…until I got the flu, organization was compromised and I had to push the date back. All 3 events, 3 weekends in a row…again. First class ticket to CHAOS.

I got through. The events were…okay. The follow-up communication was poor. And I was stuck in this guilt & shame. The heartbeat of my inner critic was pounding in my chest. You can do better, You can do better, You can do better. I was stuck. The gift, I was conscious of the negative conversation I was having with myself…I just didn’t know how to stop.

Enter my community. The I Am BOLD Sisterhood – a group coaching program I joined early this year. It was as if the Universe said…you’re conscious, but you’re still lost…let me help. I was wrapping up some local projects, not sure if I’d be able to be on the scheduled monthly call, I sent an email to communicate my circumstances and said “If I don’t make it please speak on ‘productivity…I feel SO lost” and then I just opened to the possibility, and let it happen. No pressure. In the end I was able to phone in and the clarity I gained from one session with my mentor Karen Brody, and the connection with the other women in the program gave me so much wisdom and freedom.

We pulled a Goddess Card. Fertility/Creation. Complete & Move On. Whoa…there was so much meaning in that for me. A connection to my urge to be with child again, my deep desire to find my birth mother, the chaos I feel from all the ideas I’m pregnant with that never seem to be born…I didn’t know where to go. So I went with my Soulful Whisper…Less is More. I connected to my Soulful Mama and she was so authentically honest that I was forced to surrendered to my vulnerability.  Basically, I dug up the garden of my soul. It felt so safe and right…but afterwards I was still lost.  I was left with a disheveled plot of fertile soil and only I could do the deeper work…sorting through the pile of weeds and planting seeds. I put pen to paper, journaled on all the themes that came up for me and from that deep work I created the secrets I’m sharing with you today.

If you’re a visionary like me, you understand the scattered feeling of having too many fabulous ideas floating around in your mind, endlessly encouraging you to give them form. It’s exhausting.
Here’s how to prioritize your ideas, keep dreaming big, and not feel lost along the way.

1. Start a Vision Journal. Make space for taking action, by downloading all your ideas into a journal that you only use for this purpose. One idea per page so you have space to dream on each idea or vision. Keep this journal with you at all times so it’s available when inspiration strikes.

2. Choose. Pick an idea and turn it into a project. Set an intention. Assign a deadline. Create goals and tasks. Complete and move on.

3. Less is More. Accept that you can’t do it all. Trust that you will choose only what you are capable of completing and be soulFULLy honest about your expectations. The less you have to create the higher quality your creations will be.

4. Keep Dreaming. Embracing the ‘less is more’ approach to your dreams does not mean you must suffocate the visionary within you. Your inspiration and creativity is an important part of your Soulful Mama – your intuition. Give her a voice, give her presence in the form of your written word, and give her love by reading the messages in your Vision Journal often.

5. Find Community. Dreaming big, choosing wisely & remaining focused is SO much easier when you have support from like-minded individuals. Invest in creating this for yourself & benefit from exchanges that offer you wisdom & value what you have to offer.

Follow these steps and watch the magic unfold. Mental & spiritual chaos transforms into focused clarity. Lack of direction & confusion shifts into ease of being. Isolation & doubt is diffused by community support & wisdom. My projects are clear, I’m going to be sharing them with you very soon! The best part about it…I’m offering you step number 5. It’s time to ‘give birth to your soulful mama’ with others. You can learn more about my upcoming 9 month group coaching program at

Do you need a system to support the Visionary Soulful Mama within you? How do you stay focused & manifest your dreams into reality? Speak Your Voice below!

Stay Soulful…