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A BOLD Move + Giveaway!

Greetings Soulful Mamas!

Happy Monday. It’s been a while…7 weeks and two days to be exact. But who’s counting? As each Friday has come and gone I’ve felt guilt, anxiety and shame about missing a blog post. I’ve felt proud, confident and aware that I’m maintaining a fine balance. It’s called holding the tension of the opposites…and it’s a good thing. You see being an entrepreneur I understand the importance of engaging consistently with my audience – that’s you.  As a mother I understand the importance of the ability to prioritize, letting go and exhaling, and embracing raising my children. As a Soulful Mama I understand taking care of myself first, seizing opportunities, and creating abundance by staying on my path. The realization of these wisdoms lies in the balance of it all.  So on the days when my guilt sneaks up on me, anxiety is my shadow and shame stifles my breath I check in, look at it all, and release those feelings with the thoughts that create them.  It is only then that I can make choices from a place of authenticity.   For weeks I’ve been feeling like I’d lost my Soul Song.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with my pregnancy empowerment program Soul Shine, my Soul Song is the voice of the Soulful Mama within me.  I was feeling like I had nothing “important” to say to you.  But then my Soul Song whispered …tell them that. So for several weeks now, I’ve had to let go of writing a blog post about not having anything to write about because I haven’t had the time. (…and because I wasn’t that inspired by the subject matter.) Then my Soul Song whispered…another door will open and you’ll write. So I’ve been waiting. Maybe y’all are thinking another door? I don’t remember hearing about the first door.  Let me back it up for you. I’m a cheerleader. I’ve been waving my pompoms around with the mighty Karen Brody cheering on about being good to yourself with a powerful sleep based meditation called Yoga Nidra.  Last October, Karen approached me about joining the team behind her new project BOLD Tranquility. At BOLD Tranquility we are creating a movement to lead exhausted people back to health and vitality.  By creating our subscription-based BOLD Tranquility app and web platform we’re taking the first step to inviting you on a journey to be good to yourself.  I’m working on the project part time managing our social media, taking care of our customers, and educating myself and others about the power of meditation, mindfulness and rest.  I am completely in love with my work at BOLD Tranquility, and so pumped and inspired by the message we’re sharing. My work has shifted to the point that I felt I should officially announce my BOLD move to you.  Don’t worry, will still be here, I’ll just be blogging less, sharing content from guest bloggers, promoting events and updates from our community, and limiting my online pregnancy empowerment program Soul Shine to once a year.  My pregnancy empowerment coaching services will still be available and I’ll still be holding birth sacred through birth work in my local community.  I’m so excited to be a part of the BOLD Tranquility movement, and I’m even more excited to share it with birth professionals and mothers! That’s you! I’ve been practicing Yoga Nidra for nearly four years, and I’ve been practicing everyday since last May. Yoga Nidra is part of my pregnancy empowerment program Soul Shine, and I recommend it to all my friends and clients. Think about it…all the benefits of mindfulness and meditation while you lay down and do nothing. Brilliant! I’ve trained to teach Yoga Nidra meditation through Karen Brody’s Bold Method for Birth facilitator program and her 4-week online Yoga Nidra meditation training, and I feel it is by far the best tool in my pregnancy empowerment program, birth bag, coaching tips, and personal lifestyle.  As far as getting women connected to their bodies, making birth choices from a place of authenticity, and re-energized mother-centred care – nothing compares.


In fact…I want you to try it. My Soul Shine Yoga Nidra Give-away is here! The Giveaway where everyone wins! Just follow the steps on my giveaway and you’ll get to download a 25 minute Yoga Nidra Mp3 for pregnant mothers.  Even if you’re not pregnant, this meditation will bring you deep restoration, and a date with your true nature…all while you lay down.

A new door has opened and I’m writing to you. The next time you see me in your inbox, I’ll have another Yoga Nidra opportunity for you…so try out your Soul Shine Yoga Nidra MP3 and tell me what you think about sleep-based meditation in the comments below.

Stay Soulful,