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About is shining a light on the Soulful Mama within each of us! I’m on a journey towards providing well woman, holistic, spiritual treatment to pregnant women and mamas and creating a sista’hood of women puttin’ ourselves first! celebrates Afrocentric culture, food, strength and delivers modern, soulful programs that embrace and encourage the pride, strength & soulfulness of women of color. Originally from Toronto, through New York, to a small community in the Canadian Rockies…I’m spreadin’ Soulful Pregnancy, Birth & Lifestyle!
Step into my ‘hood… a birth & mothering community that celebrates us!

Let-It-Shine-First-Trimester-0005-660x405Greetings Soulful Mamas!

I’m Tanya Malcolm and this is my online ‘hood…

This journey towards Soulful Pregnancy, Birth & Lifestyle started ten years ago after the birth of my son. I was young and stubborn and my sister had a baby when I was 16. By the time it was my turn my entire philosophy and approach to birth was “If she can do it, I can do it!”
I did do it. I birthed my son without drugs and the only medical intervention was artificial rupture of membranes…they broke my water. Still, for days after I couldn’t help but think…there’s got to be a better way! Sure the physiological process was amazing! I mean I felt Powerful! I thought I was the most amazing woman on the face of the planet! Yet, during the birth I wasn’t treated nicely. Hospital staff judged me about the sounds I was making, there were forms to sign because I refused antibiotics, eyes were rolled, sighs of frustration were bold and I remember thinking “why is everyone being so negative?” That was it! The vibe around me was dark I felt like just being there was annoying people. Was I straight trippin’? I hadn’t done anything wrong…I was just trying to have my baby the way I wanted to bring him into the world…peacefully!
Fast forward five years…I’m attending births as a doula and I’m planning my home birth with midwives! Now this was more like it. I had my second son in 8 hours in my living room and my man, my son, and my midwives had my back the whole time. I keep telling my clients…you gotta go see the midwives! You want to know something about me? I LOVE midwives. Actually I’m going to be a midwife…but that’s another journey and a story for another time!
Fast forward another five years and that brings you to today! I’ve just given birth to my daughter, a free birth at home! You’ll also hear my personal story about discovering my roots by finding my birth family, learning my culture, and cookin’ up soul food to nourish & sustain a soulful pregnancy & lifestyle. I’ve created an online pregnancy empowerment program designed to birth confident soulful mamas! So if you’re lookin’ for a guide to pregnancy, birth & mothering that celebrates women of colour…you’re in the right ‘hood!
Wishing you all the SOULFUL SUPPORT you can handle on your journey!
Shine On!