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‘Being BOLD’

A friend of mine told me “It doesn’t matter if everybody loves or hates ‘Birth’ what you should be worried about is if there is no response at all…”

Well if this is true then BOLDFernie’s production of ‘Birth a play by Karen Brody’ was a huge success!

This same friend also said ” Tanya…anybody who knows you, knows exactly what the message of this play will be…”

I wish that were the case, but it’s not. There we’re many people who I know and respect who felt unprepared and did not connect with the message of this play. I have learned that when it comes to performing arts, especially theatre for social change, audiences will take what they want to take…which might not always be the message you’re trying to send. In the end the message of this play is still the same: Reality or not a woman’s perception of her birth is her TRUTH.

“Put the mother first and everything else will follow…” – Henci Goer

Here are some of the comments from the audience:

‘It is a terrific community initiative-I loved seeing women step into their power and passion and go out to “an edge!”‘

‘It frustrated me – the undercurrent was that docs/nurses are not putting women first; that partners are unequipped to support.’

‘I’m thankful to my Dr. & my husband. I will thank them again! Opened my mind to new ways/options.’

‘It made me believe in and trust and appreciate the magic of my body’

‘Wish I had had natural births, and been exposed to more choices at that time. Makes me want to promote this more.’

‘I have always wished that I had really taken a more active role in my birthing decisions – I would never have a hospital birth or be induced again!’

‘I was saddened by the play. Too mean spirited & blatantly wrong about a lot of things. Too hard on our medical personnel. Doctors are much better than you depict’

‘I left with positive attitudes about woman’s involvement in personal choice’

‘It reminded me that women are greatly affected by their birth and therefore we need to be very mindful of how we treat them’

‘lots of emotions, healing too’

‘Love how your focus was on the woman’s story-her perspective. It is, after all, the woman giving birth.’

‘Opened my eyes to alternative options for childbirth and that I have a voice’

‘Made me feel sad & outraged about how women lose their power in the male dominated medical system. Also, it is utterly RIDICULOUS that womens choices in the U.S. are affected by the insurance system’

‘Don’t be afraid to ask tough questions during the panel after’

‘Very interesting. Gives me lots to think about as someone who would like to be pregnant in the near future.’

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and ,photos of the performance courtesy of Jennifer Gardner of Eyelet Photography

and lastly me and my new homegurl KAREN BRODY yeah that’s right…I’m hanging with playwrights…