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Birth & Earth: A World Doula Week Wild Idea

Birth & Earth Keepers Unite

Today is the first day of World Doula Week! Yes!

I haven’t written here…my birth blog… in ages. To be honest, I haven’t been inspired. I have however had some big ah-ha birth moments that would have all made wonderful blog posts…but no motivation.

I was feeling the same way yesterday, and last night. So much so that I couldn’t sleep. I was having a World Doula Week pity party. Last year I hosted a huge online event in celebration of World Doula Week, and I wanted to do it again this year…but it just didn’t come together.

On top of that loss…I was feeling very jealous of my sister doula who has put together a really well thought out promotion of all her amazing offerings for the week. She is doing amazing birth work locally and I encourage everyone reading this to go connect with her!

To really share the light at the end of my tunnel…I should give you a bit of history.

My Man got laid off last month

I got 3 new jobs

My daughter got sick – like in the hospital sick.

I launched a huge event locally for Women’s Day.

And I haven’t had a doula client since last year! (That’s the really hard one!)

To bring this post back around I have to talk about one of my 3 new jobs. I’m working with a local non-profit that protects wildlife, water & wild spaces in Canada’s Columbia & Rocky Mountains. It’s full circle – I took Environmental Studies at Ottawa U.

It’s so amazing to feel inspired again. To be motivated to make change! To put on my activist hat and say “We can change this!”

Last night I attended Wild Ideas – a monthly gathering of like-minded individuals sharing ideas, conversation & action plans for a sustainable community. The topic was Seed Saving. I really learned a lot, and I have a whole new perspective about growing food, and biodiversity…but that’s another blog post entirely. As I pulled into my drive way at he end of the evening I thought…I should be a speaker at Wild Ideas! And in that moment my internal Doula fire light was back!

Yes Birth and Earth! How simple. The Birthkeepers are Earthkeeprs…but do the Earthkeepers know they should be Birthkeepers?

Robin Lim says it best…

Babies, the smallest most vulnerable citizens of this world.  Unintentionally, medical authorities set protocols for childbirth which are unkind for the mothers and terrible for babies.  When childbirth is not gentle, when the mother is rushed through her passage with interventions, when episiotomy is used to widen the yoni, when the baby’s umbilical cord is cut immediately upon birth, when the baby is separated from his or her mother, taken away to be observed in a plastic box, profound trauma has happened.  The Baby traumatized at birth loses her trust and her capacity to love is impaired. She will need years of nurturing to heal this.

What a wonderful world this will be, when all the birth-keepers, doctors and specialists included, protect the Mother~Baby bond at birth and respect the right of each newborn to arrive on Earth without trauma.  Imagine a world in which each and every human being is living with an intact capacity to LOVE & Trust! This is the world I work day and night to build.  This is the World Midwives and Nurses, Doulas and gentle Doctors believe in and are creating.

Remember People who have an intact capacity to Love are going to be the Stewards of our Air, Land and Water.  We should be worried about the environment. And there are many solutions being implemented. As a Midwife I believe that by protecting the babies and their moms at birth, we are building an army of Earth Keepers, to Save our precious Planet, Gaia. Every baby’s first breath on Earth could be one of peace and love. Every Mother should be healthy and strong. Every birth should be safe and loving. But our world is not there yet.”

And so I’m asking you this World Doula Week for only one thing. Share this message, that the Earthkeepers & Birthkeepers should unite in our efforts to save the planet for the next generation. And to all my Doulas out there…Stand tall my sisters. You are there…holding space, witnessing the future of humanity coming fourth. I love you deeply.