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Birth As A Human Right Film Fuels Action

Last week I screened the birth documentary ‘Freedom For Birth’ at the Arts Station in Fernie, BC. 16 of us gathered and were inspired by the films dedication to the fact that birth is a human right. Every woman has the right to give birth wherever and with whomever she chooses. In response to the amazing conversations and ideas that formed after the film, I created a Facebook Page called Freedom For Birth Fernie. This is a page dedicated to local mothers who want a place to share their experiences, voice their concerns, and take action steps towards change. One of the most common concerns among the attendees of the film was the lack of a fully operational hospital here in Fernie. Women made it very clear that they don’t want to leave their community to give birth. I have been troubled by the weekend closures of the Operating Room that results in low risk mothers being transferred 120K to Cranbrook, BC. Last year I asked a physician who to contact about this issue, and I was given the contacts that could respond to my questions. After hearing women in my community agree that they too are unhappy with the OR closures I posted a Note on my Facebook page with the names and contact information of the individuals that need to hear these concerns. This is how grassroots movements grow…with our voices. Voices united in one cause; last week it was evident that this cause is Freedom For Birth. If you agree with the idea that women should be able to stay in their community to give birth, than I encourage you to check out Freedom For Birth Fernie on Facebook and consider writing a letter to those who can meet our demands! The time is now…