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birth rEVOLution

My sister Doula sent me a text wishing me a “Happy International Doula Month” and I nearly dropped my phone! I have NOTHING planned to celebrate! I texted back “HOLY S*%@!!!”

Thank goodness for other Birth Visionaries on the planet because there is a birth rEVOLution sparking and we can join here in Fernie! May 5th 2013 is International Day of the Midwife. Remarkably May 5th is also the ACOG’s (American College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists) 61st Annual Clinical Meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana where hundreds of amazing birth visionaries will be gathering to ask ACOG some hard questions and fuel the birth rEVOLution we’ve been feeling rise…

Questions like:
Why is the Maternal Mortality of the United States among the highest in the industrialized world? 
Why are women dieing in childbirth at such an alarming rate in the USA?
What is ACOG doing to prevent maternal death in the USA…?

The beauty of an International Day…we don’t have to go to Louisiana to be a part of it! We don’t have to come face to face with the makers of the barriers to well woman care…but we can show our support and embrace The Day of the Midwife while doing so!

As you well know from the history of this blog we do not have midwifery care in Fernie. We can celebrate our love of midwives and show the international birth community that Fernie wants midwifery care!! Will you JOIN me?

The organizers over at birth rEVOLution are inspiring communities around the world to gather, wear teal, and spread the birth rEVOLution message all over our social media connections!  Using the hashtag #birthrEVOLution to bring us all together!

In Fernie our message is “birthrEVOLution Fernie~ We need Midwifery Care!” Be a part of a photo session to get this message out there on International Day of the Midwife Sunday May 5th 2013! Gather with me at the rotary park gazebo at 1:00 PM where we’ll be taking part in the international birth rEVOLution. Make a sign that shares your desire! Bring your family, friends community members…anyone you can think of that wants to see Fernie have access to midwifery care and then….share share share!!! Don’t forget to wear TEAL 

Let’s start off International Doula month with a rEVOLution…a birth rEVOLution!