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Birth Room Job Action

Non-Action is the Action

job action

n. A temporary action, such as a strike or slowdown, by workers to
 make demands or protest a company or managerial decision.

The teacher’s in my province are on strike. It’s called job action. A friend of mine told me her 6 year old son asked “Why is it called job action if the teacher’s aren’t doing anything?” That’s the point. The action is non-action. By halting all their work they raise awareness about all they do.
I’ve been thinking about bringing job action into the birth room. Now hear me out. I’m not suggesting a strike of any kind, or even a protest. Birth workers are tired of the conflict. Just think about what medicalized birth could be like if “the action was non-action” It’s Free Birth behind hospital walls. If every time an intervention was decided against due to job action, the birth room would be a very different place. A place where tough decisions wouldn’t have to be made because we all trust in the divine process. A place where care providers have to be patient and understand that all will be fine. A place where healthy women arrive because they know they must rely on their body to perform.
I’m going to live to see the day that the natural childbirth movement is no longer a movement, but a lifestyle. A culture shift, a new paradigm for emerging humans. The medical industry can take job action into the birth room and babies will be born without routine intervention, and mother’s will experience childbirth in a trusted, sacred environment. Many women including myself are insuring these outcomes by taking birth home and being cared for by midwives or planning a free birth. It is here that the action is non-action and babies are simply born…