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Birth Song


Source: Sweetly Spoken Word
Spoken Word has been an amazing outlet for my VOICE. Choosing to express how I feel in rhyme takes a certain patience. The same kind of patience needed to allow a mother and baby safe passage in childbirth.  Sometimes my spoken word doesn’t flow quite right and  I need to change the words around or move into a different thought. Just like in birth, when things aren’t flowing we need different techniques…and LOVE and PATIENCE.
Recently I responded to a tweet by One World Birth that asked  “What birth practices do you wish were implemented more often?”  Now I LOVE the work that they are doing over at One World Birth, and if you haven’t had the chance to see their film Freedom For Birth you really need to check it out…BUT I had a problem with the very way the question was composed…
Break it down.  “Practices” implies the management of birth.  “Implemented” also evokes a feeling of birth being “done” to women instead of experienced by us.  So what would I LOVE to see implemented?…Birth Language Consciousness. It has to start with us…the change makers.  Mothers practice birth, not care providers. Mothers implement birth, not hospitals. So be conscious of your language when it comes to birth.  It reminds me of an ancient proverb I heard in Yoga class not too long ago…
Mind your thoughts for they become your words, mind your words for they become your actions, mind your actions for they become your habits, mind your habits for they become your character, mind your character, for it becomes your destiny.
Can you think of other common birth language that takes birth empowerment away from mothers? I’d love to hear your thoughts…leave a comment.
With Massive Respect!