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Birth Wisdom for Queens

Birth Wisdom for Queens

You are a Queen. Breathe into that statement and make it your own, because I’m about to reveal some deep truths to y’all and you’re gonna need your strength to hear this.

You are not responsible for anyone’s choices but your own. How you teach, speak and share your birth wisdom, may influence your sisters, clients and friends, but ultimately the choices others make about birth or lifestyle approaches have nothing to do with you. As an educator, life coach or birth pro you need to remember this.

Queens are confident, wise, intuitive & inspired. Queens are respected, praised, & loved. Queens are mentors, give gentle guidance, and know how to make decisions and lead their life from a place of inner trust & strength.

Replace the word ‘Queen’ above with ‘Pregnant Mothers’

So how do we transform Pregnant Mothers into Queens? We teach them to connect to their Bodies. We teach them to listen to their authentic voice. We teach them to take action when their inner fire is lit. Body-Voice-Action the trade mark approach to the The BOLD Method for Birth. The only childbirth education program that recognizes that what Birth Pros need most to influence pregnant moms is tools that teach moms how to trust their intuition. ALL of my offerings at TanyaMalcolm.Com are adapted from The BOLD Method for Birth because it’s the bomb. When you sit with women giving birth for as long as I have your birth bag starts to get smaller and smaller because you remove tools that encourage you to be ‘doing’ something at births and you shift into this beautiful place of just ‘being’ with birth. Holding space for the only woman who can give birth to the baby coming earthside – the mama. Holding space for her miracle. Studying The BOLD Method for Birth is like having a birth bag of miracles.

“Follow your body…” These are just words unless you’ve offered a pregnant mom opportunities to connect with her body, understand the messages it has for her, sit and just notice sensation in her body. The Bold Method for birth gives you exercises to do just that.  The beauty of using The BOLD Method for Birth during pregnancy, is that many of the BODY exercises directly support physiological birth. Unique exercise that moms can bring into the birth room! Plus…they’ll KNOW how to ‘follow their body.’ BONUS!

“Listen to your intuition…” Same thing. Many mothers can’t relate to this phrase. They’ve spent a good portion of their lives suppressing their inner voice. Residing in their masculine attributes to make things happen instead of honouring their feminine attributes and trusting they know the answers. The BOLD Method for Birth teaches us techniques that we can use for ourselves and offer our clients to access the guidance of our intuition, recognize messages from our authentic voice, and remain conscious of being in our true nature – the place where we give birth from. Big emotions surface from this place, just like in birth, except now – moms know how to gently handle that energy. They know how to ‘listen’ without being scared.

“Stand in your power…” How many of you have attended a prenatal and listened in awe as a mother speaks her truth, glows with the beauty of her birth desires, and powerfully shares why she wants to give birth in this way? The the birth day arrives and you slowly witness her truth, glow and power diminish in light of a culture of birth that’s bigger than her. Bigger than all of us. How can you ask her to ‘stand in her power’ when she’s never been given the opportunity to take action that’s fuelled by her inner fire? The BOLD Method for Birth offers pregnant mothers custom action steps created from their own unique stories that get women comfortable with being BOLD. Get women to understand that within them is power. Get women to recognize that if they don’t keep their inner fire burning…it might get blown out.

The BOLD Method for Birth founder Karen Brody says “At BOLD while having a great birth experience is important I created the BOLD Method so women can have not just a wonderful birth experience. I want women to have a wonderful ecstatic life, one where they feel truly awake and centered in their True Self.”

So The BOLD Method isn’t just an approach for a BOLD birth. The BOLD Method is an approach for a BOLD life. 

Now that’s Mothering Wisdom for Queens. That’s the big picture right? Laying the foundation for a beautiful journey through motherhood.

So…do you wanna BE BOLD with us? I’ve been given an amazing opportunity to offer my commUNITY $50 off The BOLD Method for Birth using code: SOULSHINE The Spring training starts Tuesday April 21st. If you’re feeling curious about this program and the highlights I just shared I encourage you to take a mindful moment right now…put your hands over your heart, take 5 centering breaths and ask yourself “Am I ready to BE BOLD about birth?”

If your Soulful Song says YES!!! then you need to sign up for this training.

I hope to see you there. Until then…

Stay Soulful

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