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As a retail business owner I often receive updates from distributors on new products. It is rare that I come across a product that angers me. I am not angry that a two time C-section mother collaborated with a surgeon to produce a Post Cesarean Recovery Underwear. More, I am angry that in Fernie 1 in 3 women, may need to purchase such underwear. I have never recovered from a cesarean section, and therefore, it is not fair for me to judge the necessity of a product of this kind. However, I have supported many women through Cesarean recovery. What I have come to appreciate most about recovery is that the mother has no choice but to take it easy. She must sit and take in the transformation of herself. The birth of a mother. I’m finding that too often after birth mother’s are so keen to get back to the go-go life we are accustomed too. it’s almost a mark of achievement to be at the MOMS groups “so quickly after birth” In some ways I feel like this panty also promotes that ‘get back at it’ idea. It is marketed as a recovery and ‘shaper’ panty. We are pushing women to ‘get their body back’ when the reality is-no matter how fit you are- your body is changed forever. You have joined a sisterhood of mothers who have a muscle within them that has stretched to capacity to hold a child. The mouth of your uterus, the cervix has stretched and opened-c section or not your body is different. Let’s embrace these changes, and slow down to enjoy all that is pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood.