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Birth & Earth: A World Doula Week Wild Idea

Today is the first day of World Doula Week! Yes! I haven’t written here…my birth blog… in ages. To be honest, I haven’t been inspired. I have however had some big ah-ha birth moments that would have all made wonderful blog posts…but no motivation. I was feeling the same way yesterday, and last night. So […]

A Soulful Mama Shout Out to the BOLD Movement

Greetings from Toronto! I’ve just spent the past two week back east visiting my folks & other friends and family that still live out here! What a trip checking out my old stomping grounds & trying not to re-visit unhealthy patterns with family members! (Only one shouting match with my sis!) LOL! All in all […]

Mother’s Day Manifesto

On this day our intention is LOVE. We accept the gratitude & kindness of our loved ones with an open heart. In return we will take a mindful moment to share our gratitude for… Our HERstory Our own mothers. Our sister mothers. Our husbands, wives, and partners. Our blessed children. For you we give thanks. On […]

Birth Wisdom for Queens

You are a Queen. Breathe into that statement and make it your own, because I’m about to reveal some deep truths to y’all and you’re gonna need your strength to hear this. You are not responsible for anyone’s choices but your own. How you teach, speak and share your birth wisdom, may influence your sisters, […]

You Wanna Give Birth Alone in the Forest?

I’m gonna give birth alone in the forest! That’s what I was thinking when I planned my free birth. The theory behind the statement was this idea that if I could give birth…alone, I’d somehow be MORE empowered than what my previous two births had offered me – which was enough power to expose my […]

5 Visionary Secrets to Shift from Chaos to Clarity

It happens every February. I get overwhelmed and I say “I’m gonna change this. I’m finished.” Then February roles around again and there I am residing in a stressed out place of ‘What the Fu!k is happening?’ I organize three events that all happen within 3 weeks of each other. Birth Herstory – my annual […]

Childbirth. Human Rights. It’s Freakin’ time.

  Are you ready to see some changes in the current culture of birth? Do you care deeply about the rights and experience of expectant mothers? Wait. What? Did you say HECK YES!!? Sweet! Y’all are gonna luv this! I’m participating in a FREE live virtual gathering of birth visionaries next Thursday, August 28th hosted by the super […]

Birth Room Job Action

job action n. A temporary action, such as a strike or slowdown, by workers to  make demands or protest a company or managerial decision. The teacher’s in my province are on strike. It’s called job action. A friend of mine told me her 6 year old son asked “Why is it called job action if the teacher’s aren’t doing anything?” That’s the point. The action is non-action. By halting all their work they raise awareness […]

Yoga Nidra Extravaganza + NY Times on Breastfeeding

UH-OH! Lots of you entered my Soul Shine Giveaway but y’all didn’t download your gift! When you enter the giveaway your yoga nidra meditation mp3 can be downloaded at the end! I hope you get your download before my giveaway ends on Monday! GO ON GIRL! I promise you’ll LOVE it! Happy Friday! I got […]

A BOLD Move + Giveaway!

Greetings Soulful Mamas! Happy Monday. It’s been a while…7 weeks and two days to be exact. But who’s counting? As each Friday has come and gone I’ve felt guilt, anxiety and shame about missing a blog post. I’ve felt proud, confident and aware that I’m maintaining a fine balance. It’s called holding the tension of […]