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Ode To My Eyes

It’s been a while…I have inspiration to be here today.  Mama Glow. She says ‘write a poem to a body part that needs LOVE…’ Ode To My Eyes Your chocolate  brown center delights Your brightness shines You seek the divine So you squint at every new line You force our face into awkward angles So […]

Birth Story: Ina May & the Farm Midwives

I’ve just learned that the U.S. nationwide premier of the new documentary “Birth Story Ina May Gaskin & the Farm Midwives is taking place in Washington DC on September 15th!I had heard about this project and I supported it on Kickstarter but I had no idea it would be ready for screening in 2012!I have just […]


Winston is watching a show this morning as I clean the house.  I hear a super hero say ” If someone is picking on you, you don’t have to put up with bullying!” I pay closer attention to the message my son is receiving.  “Don’t get angry, don’t fight back. You’re the one who has […]

home sweet home

life is good.  no particular reason for the post. just a catch up on goings on, really. my friend tash calls it “the daily” sometimes i call it “the low down” i saw tash and her beautiful family in penticton, b.c. for spring break. wow, the okanagen is so warm and beautiful. it’s deserving that […]

the garden…

well hello my dear blog…i think the beauty of this blog is that it’s dedicated to my authentic voice and in all my authentic glory i don’t have that much time to write. a book called ‘writing down the bones’ recently found it’s way back to me. i love when people return my books! the book […]

Culture of Birth

There is frustration and division among midwives all over the world.  It makes me so sad. For some reason we can’t join forces, put aside the past, and focus on the future of childbirth.  Are we not all one? Mid~Wife. Woman centered care.  Governance, designations, politics and fear have no business in the birth room.  We […]

Fully Completely

I was thinking about what to write about first and the word ‘full’ came into my mind. Then I started to feel full and thought I should title this post ‘Full Up.’ I was really happy with myself, smiling and nodding my head thinking ‘completely…’ Then I thought of The Tragically Hip, so now I’m […]

granola and crackers

a couple of weeks ago, i decided it was fine time to organize my pantry.  i have an amazing pantry, but it was always so hard to find what i needed. i realized that i was experiencing food clutter! i didn’t take before pictures, but if you remember what my electronic storage before picture looked […]

i heart electronic cable storage

i’ve missed you blog! i think about you everyday…but lately i’m in love with bloggers, and so with determination i write!today i organized my electrical cable storage. i know, i know…who cares! right? well, i’ve been working really hard around my home to ‘get organized & stay that way’ seriously, it’s tons of work!  but […]