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Cephalopelvic Disproportion

A few days ago I met a woman expecting her third child coming 5 years after her first two, who was convinced she would undergo a third Cesarean Section due to Cephalopelvic Disproportion (CPD). “My pelvis is too small” is how she put it. Lucky for her I have been listening to Gloria Lemay’s (My all time favourite Midwife!) Blog Talk Radio Show. I was able to at least get her to consider the possibility that her pelvis has ample room for a baby. It did help, that her mother was present, because she had two vaginal births herself, and those bones are related. Of course I’ve see many diagrams of different types of pelvises, and I’ve read many articles about CPD, but never have I been more convinced about this MYTH than after reading and listening to Gloria’s article called “Pelvises I have known and loved” Gloria acknowledges that pelvises come in many shapes and sizes, some which are unfavourable for childbirth, but even those small pelvises that are so commonly the reason given for the surgical removal of newborns, have another aspect that is often overlooked…molding. There are two people involved in childbirth. The mother and her baby, even if the mother has a small pelvis, her baby has a head that is designed to change, form, mold to fit through the “hole”. I have linked the article, and also the radio show in this post. I truly hope that the woman I met will get her hospital records from her first two births, read them over, find a care provider who supports VBAC…and prove the physician who told her “Your baby just won’t fit” wrong. Gloria Lemay is a Vancouver based midwife who inspires me daily at Her Blog Talk Radio show covers a variety of topics, but most closely related to CPD is her recent show titled “Vaginal Birth After Cesarean” Check it out too. It’s nice to be back!
Pelvises I Have Known and Loved