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Childbirth. Human Rights. It’s Freakin’ time.


Birth Visionaries get BOLD about Human Rights in Childbirth!

Birth Visionaries get BOLD about Human Rights in Childbirth!

Are you ready to see some changes in the current culture of birth? Do you care deeply about the rights and experience of expectant mothers? Wait. What? Did you say HECK YES!!? Sweet! Y’all are gonna luv this!

I’m participating in a FREE live virtual gathering of birth visionaries next Thursday, August 28th hosted by the super FLY and fabulous founder of the BOLD Method for Birth, Karen Brody.

We’ll be discussing everything from birthing rights to your pleasure rights in childbirth and all the birth biz drama in between that has to do with the current state of birth today. (Especially birth outcomes among our community, and shining light on the darkness with pregnancy empowerment tools.)

I’d love it if you joined me – it’s totally free & you can listen in and participate from anywhere in the world.

Go here to learn about the BOLD Birth Visionary Summit:

If you care about the birthing rights of mothers and babies please help spread the word across your social media with our sexy hashtag #BOLDbirthsummit. Go on! Tweet it! out yo!
Check out this BOLD lineup: A collective of birth visionaries discussing the latest on birth rights #BOLDbirthsummit

I’m tired of folks telling me that birth pro’s and mothers don’t care about this conversation! I don’t believe it. A positive birth experience is a basic human right! Ain’t no other way around it. So let’s show up, and take action! See you there!

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How are you joining the conversation about Human Rights in Childbirth? Speak Your Mind in the comments below…