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Create What You Want

 Create What You Want

Now is about the time in January when many people’s New Year’s Resolutions start to fade away and the habits they are trying to break gradually return to their lives. I happen to love the new year, the feeling of a fresh start. This year I decided my new start should focus on compassion.  I’m going to look at every experience through other peoples eyes, I’m going to listen…I mean really hear what people are thinking and appreciate their feelings. It’s time to really find the good. I’m constantly telling my children to stay positive and expect the best and this year is about showing them the way.  

With dedication and focus I can create a more compassionate me.

I also happen to love being good to myself. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know that I love two things! Selfies and Green Juice. I’m of the opinion that I’m worth good food, and I take the time to prepare nourishing meals.  I rest when I’m tired,  I try to exercise everyday and I drink lots of water.  It’s fairly simple. Nourish, Rest, Energize, Hydrate, Repeat. So why do many people struggle to put self care at the top of their to do list? It’s easy to set intention at the start of the year, but it’s easier to fall back into an old routine. For a lot of people the old routine means the opposite of Nourish, Rest, Energize, Hydrate, Repeat.  If you want to create something for yourself that’s fresh you need a lot of self motivation. Actually, it takes a lot of self motivation even if it’s not fresh. Self Care takes a deep desire, a clear plan, and enough time. The energy & dedication required to make change in your life will be sustained only when you put yourself first. If you’re reading this piece, it’s fair to say the desire is there so let’s talk about a self care plan. Take a few minutes and write down the answers to the following questions about each of your self care desires:

SoulShine What do you want for yourself?

SoulShineAt what time of day do you have the most energy?

SoulShineWhat can you do during that time of day to support your want?

SoulShineWhen do you feel you have extra time?

SoulShineWhat can you do during that time to support your want?

SoulShineWhat 5 ways can you create more time for yourself?

SoulShineWhat will motivate you to continue working towards your want if you start to fade?

SoulShineWho can you reach out to for support?

SoulShineWhat one thing can you do today to support your want?

SoulShineHow about tomorrow?

SoulShineAnd the next day?

Make a list of 21 steps you can take that support your want. A go to list you can use if you start to fall behind, or if you need some motivation. Get creative and have fun!

Go through this exercise for each of the wants you are going to create for your self care or other areas of your life. Even putting your energy into completing this exercise is a giant step towards creating what you want. Being really clear about your desires will help you succeed. For example instead of saying “I’m going to drink more water.” Say “I’m going to drink & refill water from my water bottle 3 times today.” And then do it! You might find yourself having to drink what you didn’t get in right before bed, but at least you’ll have reached your goal and created what you wanted! Self Care and Fresh Starts are nothing more than a new routine. Keep it simple and keep a smile on your face. What’s your Self Care routine?