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Doula FAQ’s

I Believe in Birth…Do You?

Do you know what it means to trust your intuition? 

Are you pregnant and unsure of why you have an unsettled feeling that something is missing? That’s your intuition…and I can support your journey to trusting it! 

Following your intuition will lead you to empowerment. That’s what’s missing in birth today. Women don’t know how to put themselves at the centre of their birth.  I’m here to make sure you learn how!

 How can a Doula empower me?

Empowerment is not something anyone can attain for you. Empowerment comes from a place of deep trust, satisfaction, and making birth choices from your true nature.  As your doula my job becomes teaching you tools to connect with your core self, true nature, and authentic intuition. There are only two people who have power in childbirth…you and your baby. 

What about my partner?

If there is one thing I have learned being at birth, it is that as a doula I am not going to be the most effective support person in the room. But let’s start from the beginning. I believe and want pregnant moms to believe that she is the one who is going to bring her baby into the world the way mother nature intended: Beautiful, blissful, powerful, undisturbed birth. She has to believe in herself. She has to know that the support she needs is going to come from within. At the same time, there may be times during her journey where she feels vulnerable, fearful, or weak. It is during these times that having someone she trusts, who believes in all their heart that she will regain the strength and belief she needs to continue, is advantageous.  In most of my experiences that person has been the father of the child. 

My approach is to work with him before the birth and teach the language, energy, and trust needed to stand in his role most effectively.  When the support person believes in birth and is not fearful, the mother can use that strength until she regains her own.  There have been times when my own birth experiences have helped me provide additional support. Being a woman, a mother, and seeing many births provides me with a level of understanding that can also give a woman time to trust, to find that strength within. I’m there, witnessing the miracle of your body at work, looking you straight on saying “I know.” Mother to Mother.

 Who do you trust most? That person should be in your birth room. 

What about my doctor or midwife?

I believe that every woman deserves a birth tribe. A village of care providers to provide her security and love while she births her baby into the world. Yes midwifery care provides one to one support throughout your pregnancy and birth and doula care can enhance that experience by providing another support person that you trust.  Your family physician or obstetrician will be engaged during your prenatal visits and will be present at the birth, but you will not have access to that care until you reach the birth facility. My doula care comes to you, in your home at any time of day.  Once we reach the birth facility there may be periods of time during your labour when your doctor is not available, having your doula there means continuous labour support.  I will be there for your entire birth experience no matter what time, or where you choose to birth…guaranteed.

So what’s the doula deal?

Knowledge, Informed Choice, Intimate Connection, Trust & Love…basically I’ve got your back! I know your desires, and I know how to advocate for you. I take care of the little details from turning your birth room into a warm atmosphere to communication with medical staff. I’m there to provide support so you and your partner can focus on your birth. I’m there to remind you of everything you told me you wanted from this experience during our prenatal visits.  I want the same things for you.

Oh yeah ~ Prenatal appointments! How does that work?

I love meeting with my clients.  I try to meet you in your home and as our relationship grows we may share food, take walks, or on some occasions discuss everything BUT birth…it’s a friendship. Because I am a childbirth educator I do have a natural birth curriculum that I will cover over the course of our contract.  I ask a lot of questions and suggest many techniques that are designed to get you to define and attract your ideal birth.  You’ll get prenatal class – unplugged. An intimate exposure to The BOLD Method For Birth.

What’s involved?

I like to meet with you quite frequently before your birth in order to establish a sense of your desires and to develop a rapport with both yourself and your partner. The initial visit is a free Doula Discovery Session and usually takes place in the comfort of your home. During this visit we meet one another and outline the services that I offer. This is also a time for us to ask questions of one another and see if we are compatible. If you wish to continue with my Doula Services I will send you an information package and set up the next appointments. I meet with my clients at the same frequency that they meet with their care provider, but as your doula I’m flexible and can adjust our sessions to your needs. As your birth approaches I shift into an On-Call support person.

I’m then available to you 24 hours a day, from 2 weeks before your due date until after the birth of your baby. During the last weeks of pregnancy I stay in close touch with you and offer advice and empathy as you prepare for your birth. In the event that you begin labour before 38 weeks I will make every effort to be available to you. At the time of labour I am available to offer my continual emotional, physical and informational support until after the birth of your baby. Once you are home with your baby I am available for support and advice with any newborn experiences.

The final visit will come approximately 1-2 weeks after the birth of your baby. We will discuss the labour and birth and fill in any blanks you may have. This is a time to admire your baby as well and offer any community support you may require for topics such as breastfeeding or the postpartum blues. 

What’s the Cost?


Pregnancy Outreach 

I believe every woman deserves a Doula and that all expecting women should have access to the childbirth preparation education of their choice. If you need support in these we should discuss options for Doula Services or Childbirth Education. To book a pregnancy outreach appointment with Tanya call 250.278.0667 All income levels welcome.