Discover Your Power.

Take Charge of Your Pregnancy & Birth Experiences.

Be Mindful on Your Journey to Motherhood!

mama-saidAre you tired of prenatal programs that focus on navigating a medical model of pregnancy & birth?

mama-saidAre you looking for an online series that celebrates your culture and ancient wisdom?

mama-saidDo you feel like you’re missing a piece of the pregnancy & birth puzzle?

Your journey to motherhood doesn’t have to be a mystery. Lose the narrative that tells the story of pregnancy & birth from a place of fear and step into your Soul Shine. Soul Shine Pregnancy Empowerment Series encourages women to stand in their power, discover their intuition & how to follow their inner guide, as well as supports you to approach your decision making from a place of truth, freedom & empowerment. It’s the only online prenatal class that was designed specifically for the mindful black woman. Adapted from Karen Brody’s BOLD Method for Birth, Soul Shine offers you techniques that have a unique & mysterious way of opening up thought processes that balance on intuition…the very foundation you need to embark on your journey to empowerment.

The values that Soul Shine is built upon are rooted in the idea that every woman has a Soulful Mama within – her intuition. The culture of birth that surrounds women today is fuelled by fear. Soul Shine is fuelled by freedom. By discovering and connecting with your Soul Self, listening & giving voice to your Soul Song you will recognize a Soul Shift that will inspire you take action from a place of empowerment. This unique BODY * VOICE * ACTION mindfulness based method is the trademark of The BOLD Method for Birth and helps you create a birth vision that’s practical and heart-based.

Your Soulful Mama has the ability to process & release emotional “birth baggage” and Soul Shine gently guides you through the process while honoring ancestral wisdom and traditions. We’ll explore the following themes during our 6 weeks together:

soullifestyleIntention, Manifestation & Prayer

soullifestyleSelf Care: Rise & Shine On! Substance, Rest & Sweetness

soullifestyleBalance: Family, Work, Prosperity & Play

soullifestyleSoul Child: Pregnancy Gratitude & Dreams

soullifestyleBirth, Breastfeeding & Bonding

soullifestyleSoulful Mama: Intuitive Mothering & Beyond

…and more

Who is this class for?

Are you a pregnant black woman who embraces her roots and connects deeply with the idea that your ancestral birth traditions and wisdom can be reclaimed through connection to your intuition? If this resonates with you then this class is for you. Soul Shine can be received at any stage of your pregnancy and focuses on deep soul work designed to inspire & create empowerment in your pregnancy & birth. Women who join Soul Shine can expect:

soullifestyleEasy, mindfulness-based techniques that encourage you to connect with your Soul Self ~ your body.

soullifestyle Quick empowerment tools that guide you to the source of your internal power

soullifestyleHow to gently discover your true SOUL SONG, ~ your authentic voice.

soullifestyleSoul Shine Style  A 4-step unique process from the the BOLD Empowerment Method to help you get clear on your vision, values, goals & plans for your birth and the postpartum period.

soullifestyleThe key to moving out of fear and into freedom and experiencing your pregnancy, birth & lifestyle from a place of empowerment.

soullifestyle Releasing your emotional pregnancy & birth baggage so you can set and manifest intentions without limiting beliefs blocking you.

Why not try something different? I promise you’ll see why women around the world are turning to heart-based, mindful prenatal programs to satisfy their urge to prepare themselves for an empowered pregnancy & birth! 

Here’s what this series offers:

SoulShine 6 weekly VIDEO shout outs straight to your inbox

SoulShine 3 LIVE Q&A calls

SoulShine Solid empowerment tools

SoulShine Birth intentions & wellness visions

SoulShine Story~telling, journaling & movement

SoulShine  Yoga Nidra Naps

SoulShine Intuitive Soul*Work

SoulShine Leaps of faith!

Ready to discover your SOUL SHINE?

SOUL SHINE is like treating yourself to a day of fly music, serious restoration & good vibes with a unique BOLD & SOULFUL twist to childbirth empowerment. We’ll use everything from yoga nidra meditation, a sleep-based meditation technique to breathwork to movement to journaling…with the goal to help you unwind, restore and dive deeper into your pregnancy. I truly hope you’ll join me!