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Freedom For Birth in Fernie

One World Birth in collaboration with Womb To Grow Birth Services presents FREEDOM FOR BIRTH! This Thursday January 10th is the first New Moon Movie Night of the year and I’m kicking off this celebration with a bang! 

FREEDOM FOR BIRTH has been the it birth documentary in 2012 because it’s more than a film…it’s a movement. If  you’re familiar with the recent influx in production of birth documentaries you may be thinking ‘another one?’ But let me assure you, this film looks at birth in a whole new way. We know birth is safe, we know birth is empowering, we know women have choices…but did you know BIRTH IS A BASIC HUMAN RIGHT? FREEDOM FOR BIRTH presents women with the idea that choosing where, with whom and how you birth is your right which provides you laws that protect those rights. This is a political film designed to inspire women to stand up, take back, and demand our rights! Below is the 15 minute web version of the film…if you like what you see, join us on Thursday January 10th at The Fernie Arts Station to see the entire film. Will you take back birth in 2013? The revolution starts here!