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Get Up Stand Up for ZERO Separation of Motherbaby


Yesterday, February 6th was the birth day of Bob Marley.  May he Rest In Peace. Now I love me some Bob Marley! I mean, really, really LOVE everything about him…his music, his message! He was such a bright light. I named my first born son after him…Nesta.

So yesterday I spent a good part of my day watching live Bob Marley & The Wailers performance footage on Youtube. I came across one video that really inspired me. Not that I hadn’t been inspired by this particular message in the past, but it took on new meaning for me yesterday. Get Up Stand Up.


 Yesterday as I watched Bob speak his truth through song, sweat his soul out on stage, and shine God through his being, I realized I need to continue to spread this message. What came to me yesterday was the continual separation of mother and baby happening in our hospitals today. Why is this still happening? I don’t want you to envision those hospital nurseries lined with cots full of babies from our dark past and think What’s this girl talkin’ about? Babies are layin’ in with their mamas in hospitals these days! That’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about the separation that occurs after Caesarean Section!  And you know what?! This time I’m talking to Doulas & Dads!

Yes you! You need to Get Up & Stand Up for babies! It is our responsibility to address this atrocity! How many of you are educating your clients or yourselves about the experience of caesarean section? Now hold up there…really hear me. The experience, not the process. Mothers are experiencing their babies being surgically removed from their wombs, given a glance, maybe a wee cuddle and then left alone, their baby nowhere near! They experience spiritual, emotional and physical emptiness. And what about our babies?

God is present when our babies come earthside. Bob Marley says “Most people think, Great God will come from the skies. Take away everything, And make everybody feel high. But if you know what life is worth, You will look for yours on earth: And now you see the light, You’ve got to stand up for your rights. Jah!” I think he means we need to recognize that divine spirit is represented through each and everyone of us. That we need to breathe our faith in the divine into being each and every day. Our babies are born with this magnificent ability and our mothers have the unique opportunity to experience the divine from the moment of conception & beyond. Our babies can teach us so much about faith & spirit if we only let them. Bob Marley says “We know when we understand: Almighty god is a living man.” I think he means enlightenment is understanding that God is within us. We are divine. When we stand in our divine light we have the power to rise above spiritually & physically and live our truth.  My truth is that God created a miracle in the moment a baby is born. My truth is that divine light shines upon the Motherbaby when they first connect earthside. My truth is that this unity shall be protected. That is our right. I will get up & stand up for that right!


source: Black Women Do VBAC

We are all working to lower the rate of surgical births, until those numbers are reduced significantly we also need to be working to change the experience of surgical birth! Specifically keeping mothers and babies together! Educate yourself on the science behind zero separation of Motherbaby! Preach Zero Separation! Preach for Doulas & Dads to return babies to their mamas post surgery & fiercely protect their togetherness! Preach for mamas to receive their babies and never let go! This is the new paradigm for birth! The shift will happen if we stand up for our rights. Stand up for what is right.


How are you getting up & standing up to keep mothers and babies together at birth? Speak Your Mind in the comments below!

Shine on!