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Henry’s Werd

Your Mama wanted you so bad…
Your Papa did too
I’m not puttin’ that on you
No one’s mad about this
We’re just sad that we missed
Your future
We lost an amazing adventure

I think it’s important
To vocalize
And recognize
Their intent
To rise above
For the son they love

Your face was familiar when you were born
Child you we’re adourned
With so much that your Mama & Papa had sworn
To raise in you
Give thanks and praise in you
Teach their ways in you
Just gaze in you

They could have named you Swanson Huss
And if they had to explain the name
They would proudly proclaim
“He just looked so much like us!”
But as it turns out
They gave you a name they could respectfully shout
From the highest canopy
Of our cottonwood tree
“Henry Roy…
He was our first born boy!”

Then our valley would shake with the news
And the flocks of ravens flew
And our love for your presence grew
Until everyone knew
What only a few
Of us witnessed….

The beauty and grace
On the face
Of a boy
Named Henry Roy Huss