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Hold On To Your Kids

Every day I get an email subject titled “Good Morning From Rio and Kiegen” My dearest friend Tash continues to share tid-bits of her journey as mother of two amazing kids…Rio and Kiegen. I’ve grown to expect these emails, and I get all out of sorts if she misses an update we’ve grown to call “The daily” I guess now that I’m blogging she knows how I feel if she neglects to send news because she often p.s.’s me Tanya update the blog! I have been dreading coming back to this blog since I returned home from a provincial conference in Vancouver hosted by the Public Health Agency of Canada(PHAC) the Community Action Program for Children(CAPC) and the Canadian Prenatal Nutrition Program(CPNP). PHAC has three emerging priorities (Which I can link to birth practices…big suprise.) I’ll save that for another post . They are: 1. Childhood Obesity 2. Mental Health 3. Childhood Injury Prevention. The line -up of speakers was incredible. Although I was meant to be absorbing information to take back to the pregnancy outreach program I work with, the most thought provoking subject matter came under mental health, and the speaker Dr. Gabor Mate touched me as a mother more than a birth advocate.
His whole approach balances on the foundation of attachments. As a childbirth educator,
I automaticaly assumed his presentation The Biology of Loss:What happens when attachments are impaired, would be about infants. On the contrary, his subjects are adolescents. He points out the troubled youth. High rates of depression, violence, suicide…in our children! When our children are killing themselves and nobody asks why? We are in trouble.
Adora Svitak: What adults can learn from kids | Video on