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Hooter Hiders

At Womb To Grow I often have the pleasure of meeting soon-to-be grandmothers shopping with their pregnant daughters. I LOVE when this happens. The beauty of my retail store is that I can spark conversations about birth and mothering with women who are living that journey today. SO when I see mothers and daughters I am especially excited because I usually get to hear a birth story from around the time when I was born. Since I don’t know my own birth story I treasure these moments. Recently, an expecting mum and her mother came in and instead of discussing birth we talked breastfeeding. The mother said she breastfed in a time when it wasn’t mainstream. (Although I’m not certain it is now.) I asked her daughter if she had ever thanked her mum for that gesture? She laughed uncomfortably and said “Thanks for breastfeeding me mom.” Then very unexpectedly her mother began to cry. I offered her a tissue and she started faning her eyes, shaking her head no and was very embarassed. I asked her where that emotion was coming from, and she said ” I guess I’m just happy that somebody acknowledged that I did a good job.” Isn’t that sad? Then her daughter started to cry too, and they hugged and her daughter whispered”I Love you mum” I felt so incredibly blessed to have witnessed that exchange. After a minute I asked the daughter if she hoped to breastfeed. She responded “Well of course I hope to breastfeed, but I’m not limiting it as the only option.” I understand that response. A lot of mothers today think that way. But in my mind I always think to myself…but what if it was the only option? What if infant formula didn’t exist? A friend of mine who is very anti-formula, and whose husband is a physician told me she asked her husband if there was any woman who could not breastfeed and he replied “Yes, if she doesn’t have breasts.” Yet there are women who can’t breastfeed! I know many conscious mamas who felt such despair when their bodies didn’t make enough milk for their babies. I am very curious about this topic. What factors determine the milk supply of a woman? That my friends will be the subject of a future post. Of course I started out this post with a story I’d better get back to. So I wished this beautiful soon-to-be mother good luck with her birth and breastfeeding journey and told her if she was successful to come back for a nursing bra. Then she asked me if I carried ‘Hooter Hiders’ Hooter what? Yes you read correctly Hooter Hiders. I confessed my unfamiliarity with the product and she went on to explain the fashionable nursing covers available on the market today. “OH!!” I said in recognition. “No, I don’t carry Hooter Hiders.”
I have a problem with those nursing covers…okay I get it..whatever a woman needs to keep her breastfeeding right? But really? What kind of message does covering up your infant while he’s eating send to the child? This is shameful and needs to be hidden? Another product to make breastfeeding a chore. The breast has one main purpose…TO NOURISH OUR CHILDREN. If our culture wasn’t so sex crazy we’d find a way to initiate the downfall of the bottle. I want the breast to be on Hallmark’s baby shower cards, I want the breast to be on the button of my diaper bag! I want the breast on Aden + Anais prints! I want the breast associated with infant feeding. I want the breast known globally as the superior food for your children. But no…the breast is left for Playboy magazine and Victoria’s Secrets runway. I’m proud of my breasts…saggy, pulled on, leaky, and tender as they are…they nourished my children.