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Intention, Affirmation & Prayer For Pregnancy


The first class in my six week online pregnancy empowerment series Soul Shine is dedicated to Intention, Affirmation & Prayer.  It was a big decision to open up a prenatal series with this theme, but my Soul Song was powerful and I knew it was the right choice.  Since the series started last week, the feedback about the first class has validated my choice.  The Soulful Mamas on this journey to Soul Shine have had impressive outcomes from their weekly exercises. So much so, that I’m feeling that I need to share the power of intention, affirmation & prayer with all of you.

Soul Shine Pregnancy Empowerment Series introduces you to 3 secret powers for a soulful pregnancy birth & lifestyle. Adapted from Karen Brody’s BOLD Method for Birth, these secret powers are inspired by the black woman and introduced with the Soulful Mama at the peak of my sight. That’s you!

These powers are within each of you and can and should be accessed daily. Soul Shine focuses on how your powers benefit you in pregnancy & birth, but as I said last week, the Soulful Mama lifestyle is all about being powerful on your motherhood journey. Your secret powers will empower you to realize your potential. One of your Soul Shine secret powers is your Soul Song. The voice of your intuition, the expression of your true nature, a shout out from your authentic self!

Often the Soulful Mamas within us who know and feel our secret powers are blocked by our intellectual minds.  You can connect with your Soulful Mama and make decisions, take action, or embrace your experiences from a place of empowerment by listening to  Soul Song. Your Soul Song is any action, experience or exercise that broadcasts your authentic voice.  You can listen to your Soul Song before any experience that is ahead of you, or after experiences that leave you feeling vulnerable or unsure of the direction your Soulful Mama needs to go to shine brightest. Singing you Soul Song is all about giving voice to your Soulful Mama. There are many different ways to release that voice into the world. Setting intentions & affirmations, prayer, journaling, meditation, embodied storytelling, deep listening, spoken word and singing are a few examples of ways I use, and teach mothers to use, to hear their Soul Song.

One of the most inspiring and powerful ways to sing your Soul Song is by setting intentions. Intentions soar higher if you touch in before you release them. A short centering by taking some deep breaths is a great way to sing your Soul Song from an authentic place. Intentions can be made as often as you need, and they are a clear way to guide the universe in creating what you want. This morning my intention was “I am at ease with being, time will expand if I speak my truth, I am spreading faith and wisdom to all those who are in need. And so it is…”

You have to be courageous when you set intentions. You have to dare to be raw. You have to acknowledge the mystery and trust it will provide you with the right path. Intentions say I am rather than I will, I have rather than I want, I can rather than I’ll try and I find rather than I seek. Each of you has a song to sing, so let’s make some music.

Your Soulful Mama has a gift for you right now, and I encourage you to accept it. Take a moment right now to listen to your Soul Song. Place your hand over your heart, take some deep breaths, and just listen. Close your eyes and bare witness to your true nature.  Write down what came to you, and set an intention for the day inspired by this message from your Soulful Mama. If you are pregnant, you can dramatically shift the experience of your pregnancy & birth by setting intentions. You’ll find that you experience the intentions you set, merely by setting them. You’re consciousness shifts and you receive daily messengers that empower you, and manifest your desires.

For some women, hearing her Soul Song takes some time. Some of us, have heavy baggage piled up within, and our Soul Song is so muffled that we can’t hear her.  It’s okay. It may take time, but I promise you, with a daily practice you will start to hear the voice of your true nature, and you can start experiencing your pregnancy from this authentic place.  If you have a hard time centering, by going within, taking a deep breathe and be at ease with inner silence, you may need to do some deeper work to try and lighten load of your inner baggage.  One of the heaviest loads taking up prime real estate in the luggage of your heart is limiting beliefs. Affirmations can be used to refresh your belief system.  If you have any doubts related to your pregnancy & birth take a moment to write them down. When you’re finished, go back and look at each one in exploration. Every doubt in your mind is connected to a limiting belief.  For most of us our belief system is rarely explored, and sometimes you’ll surprise yourself at how much weight you are carrying around with you, all because of a silly little belief.

“Be mindful of your self talk, it’s a conversation with the Universe.”

When I was pregnant with my daughter and planning my free birth I had this real fear, a big ole doubt about my waters.  During my previous two birth experiences, my waters had been broken for me, and both times my baby was born shortly after. So when I finally decided to explore this doubt, I discovered that I believed my baby would not be born, unless my waters were broken for me. That was HUGE for me! I couldn’t have gone into my free birth with that baggage at my feet, so I use affirmation to refresh my belief system. Everyday I said “My body knows how to birth my baby, my body will release my waters at the perfect moment, my baby will be born with ease.” When my labour started I had no doubt or fear that I would experience otherwise, and that’s exactly what happened. In fact, I had no experience of my waters breaking at all. Of course it must have occurred, but there was no defined moment that I connected with “Oh…my waters broke!” Affirmations are powerful medicine. I strongly encourage you to try this exercise. Pinpoint the belief that is connected to your doubts and fears, create affirmations for yourself that directly refresh those beliefs and say them every single day.

“Whenever your heart pours into prayer…every heartbeat becomes a miracle.”

My final insight today is on the matter of prayer. For me, prayer cannot exist without faith. In some ways Intention & Affirmation are prayer. Messages to the Divine to support your journey. However, they are different then holy prayer. Holy prayer is a conversation with God.  The mysterious Divine that religion, spirituality & faith embrace.  In pregnancy I used intention & affirmation, but in birth I used prayer. Glow Maven, Latham Thomas played a significant role in bringing prayer into my birth, when in her vital book ‘Mama Glow: A Hip Guide to Your Fabulous Abundant Pregnancy’ she wrote P.U.S.H…Pray Until Something Happens.  In my moment of need during my birth, that was exactly what I did.

“Great Mother Earth I call upon you now. Archangel Michael I call upon you now.  Spirits of the sacred elements Earth, Water, Wind & Fire I call upon you now. Great Gods & Goddesses I call upon you now. All mothers before me I call upon you now. Please calm these waters. Bring me peace and clarity so that I have strength, wisdom and trust. Guide my baby gently and give her safe passage earth side. This birth be a blessing to all those involved. And so it is…

Because I use intention and affirmation in my daily spiritual mind treatment, I tend to use prayer more often in times of need, than in times of gratitude. This is an element of my practice that I want to shift. I want to strengthen my faith by praying daily. A conversation with God everyday…mmmmm. My Soul Song is giving me spiritual fist bumps!

Prayer is very powerful and looks different for every woman, but my hope for you today is that you define a purpose for prayer, name your God, realize your desire, give thanks for your spiritual truth, and release in total acceptance.  And so it is…

I truly hope you’ll give thanks to your Soul Song today by hearing the wisdom that only you possess!

How do you use Intention, Affirmation & Prayer? Speak Your mind in the comments below. If you’re new to these ideas, give these exercises a try & tell me about your experience in the comments!

Stay Soulful,