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Joyous Kwanzaa, Joyous Birth. Collective Work & Responsibility

 source: Mercurial Ramblings

I knew that I would hesitate to apply some of the principles of Kwanzaa to birth, but it’s now 5 o’clock and I practically had to drag myself off the couch to get in front of my laptop. It’s not that I don’t think todays principle can be applied to birth, it’s more that the way I believe it needs to be applied is not exactly the mainstream approach.
The third day of Kwanzaa brings us to UJIMA~ COLLECTIVE WORK & RESPONSIBILITY.  To build and maintain our community together, to make our sisters’ and brothers’ problems our problems and to solve them together. *Exhale*
I don’t think birth workers and I mean all birth workers should be held accountable for the “health” of the motherbaby. I think women should be accountable for their own births, and their own choices. It plays right into what I wrote yesterday~ we just give our self care and pregnancy away!.  That is also why I am not in support of Licensed Midwifery, or any governing body that wants to dictate how, when or with whom a woman chooses to give birth. Imagine the culture of birth we would live in, if there was no malpractice cases, insurance companies and no medical societies placing guidelines over birth.  Birth is a physiological process that is designed to produce a healthy strong motherbaby. The way the medical system of birth has turned birth into a political, economical, and social nightmare has got to be eliminated. That means mothers stepping outside the tiny box of low or high risk labels and deciding to take responsibility for their own body, their own birth their own baby! What does that look like? Free Birth. Birth by mothers for mothers! Birth witnessed by midwives! Birth as a Human Right! The collective work that I want to see? Mothers with positive birth stories sharing them freely without hesitation. A Collective understanding that our birth stories are not provoking the trauma many women are experiencing in hospital birth, but instead shedding light on the alternative…blissful birth! Women who have experienced trauma in birth need a safe place to share, grow, heal, but they are not the only ones who get a voice.  That’s what ‘making their problems our problems and solving them together’ means to me.  I’m tired of being in circles of women, and looking around to see if I may hurt another by sharing my birth story. Her painful birth story hurts me too! So why shouldn’t I share the power I felt, the tears I shed, the release of goddess energy that evoked in me the ability to birth my child!? In these feminine circles we are sisters. We are looking to one another for guidance, yet there’s this unspoken undertone that feels like….bitch. Let’s cut this feminist drowning bullshit and look forward so that our sisters are strong enough to make the change that is needed in the birth world. FREEDOM. In what other culture are sophisticated, bright, earthly, talented women so damn oppressed!? Or is that even the right word? The oppressed know they are being held down and I’ll boldly state that the majority of pregnant women today are unconscious. They have no desire to change things, which makes them irresponsible exactly the OPPOSITE of today’s principle. So what do women with nothing but abdominal scars, and “healthy babies” do? BLAME! Seriously…someone needs to be blamed!? Right? Well, in a culture of birth where women are taking responsibility for their births…there is no blaming, because mothers are only accountable to themselves. So yeah…get on the internet connect with women who are claiming their right to free birth, and turn this around. May God provide me the opportunity to live to see the day that going to a hospital to birth your baby is radical! The more women who talk about free birth, choose free birth and support free birth the more chance we have at changing this backwards birth culture. That’s a collective that I’ll put my name on.