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Joyous Kwanzaa, Joyous Birth. Cooperative Economics


Today’s principle is close to my heart…Ujamaa. Cooperative Economics~To build our own businesses, control the economics of our communities and share in all our communities’ work and wealth. 

*Raises hands in thanks & praise

Halleluiah say it loud! It is time for birth workers across the globe to stand in their value! I have recently invested in my business skills by taking a 7 week business course designed specifically for birth workers. Let me tell you my life has changed significantly!  I think every birth worker on the planet needs to invest in this course! The course was designed by Karen Brody of BOLD and Stephanie Dawn of Sacred Birth and it is called My Birth Business Rocks and it is amazing! Let’s look at today’s principle and start from there.
‘To build our own businesses’ How many birth workers out there are working part-time? You don’t have the faith in this work to commit to it full time? You dance around your work trying to balance your daily life, other paid work, and birth work and your energy is fading? The time is now! If you believe birth work is your calling then you need to commit to it. Drop the other work and trust that your birth business will be successful! I know, I know, easier said then done right?! Don’t worry girl I’m not one of those preachers that won’t walk the walk! A month ago I had a part-time waitress job serving 3 evenings a week, and I quit! Yep, three weeks before Christmas, when my husband has two weeks unpaid vacation, and our expenses nearly double I quit my job! It was a giant leap of faith, but that job was sucking the life out of me and I need life force to propel through this journey and ya’ll know I need energy to be a birth worker. Let’s not forget all the ideas, inspirations, and goals I wanted to accomplish, but just never had the time or energy to get started.  With women is where I want to be, so how’s that going to happen if I’m sluggin’ beers around and polishing cutlery? With the knowledge I gained from my business course I looked at how much money I needed to earn this year and I broke it down into quarterly, monthly, and weekly statements, then designed birth work opportunities to earn that money. I have skills, I’ve invested a lot of  money into trainings for certification, exam fees, conferences, professional development and continuing education, but never did I invest money into learning how to get a RETURN ON INVESTMENT! Now I’ve scheduled The BOLD Method workshops, Prenatal classes, Free talks leading to doula work, a course designed for dads, Film screenings, Spoken Word performances…anything I can charge money for. Your skills are worth money, so design your work around them and the rest will fall into place. It’s all up to you! You have to BUILD IT!
‘Control of the economics of our communities and share in all our communities’ work and wealth’ I LOVE this. This means Birth Workers need to come together regularly discuss their business plans, goals, fees and work together to keep everyone financially stable! Yes this is collective work. If we join forces we are a stronger movement. Let’s make sure we’re all charging similar fees, if you’re an experienced worker, step up and take a new worker under your wing so she can gain knowledge and skills and will soon be earning her way. No More Free Births! Low cost births…? Sure, make room in your budget to support low income families, but ask them what they can afford to pay you and accept this fee. No birth worker is worth nothing! Even if you are trying to attend births for certification, your time and knowledge and service is valuable. Step into that worth with pride! We will share in our birth communities wealth and work if we commit to a business sisterhood. Let there be no competition, only respected co-workers. With this in mind I have decided to commit to building relationships with other birth workers who want to grow their birth business. If you have a Twitter account share some of your successful business tips or business goals every Monday using hashtag #BirthBiz and let’s grow together…there’s always @WOMBtoGROW!
So what are your business goals for the upcoming year? Leave a comment below and share some inspiration…