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Joyous Kwanzaa, Joyous Birth. FAITH

source: Eternal Echoes
Whenever you become empowered you will be tested. ~ Carolyn Myss

It is so fitting to finish a week of celebrating Birth and the principles of Kwanzaa with today’s theme…IMANI. FAITH ~ To believe with all our hearts in our people, our elders, our teachers, our leaders and the righteousness and victory of our struggle.
I know from personal experience that as a birth worker my faith has been compromised along my journey. What has it taken to regain my inspiration? A deep rooted belief that my efforts, to restore a community of birth workers that is centered around the idea that birth is normal and safe, are worthy. In the principle I acknowledge “Our People” to be anyone who believes in undisturbed, primal birth. I like that the principle separates and highlights the importance of our elders, the wise women before us who held birth sacred. They are our teachers, and our leaders.  At the same time it is up to a new generation of childbirth advocates to take on the role of birth keepers.  We need to learn the art of traditional midwifery, so we can pass these skills on so that they may NEVER become extinct. What do you think is going to happen when the likes of Ina May Gaskin, Robin Lim, Gloria Lemay, Carla Hartley, Robbie Davis Floyd, Sheila Ktizinger, Shafia Monroe, Angnes Gereb and all the other great women who defend the honour of birth are gone? Who will fill their shoes? One thing I know is that the wise women mentioned above are filled with faith.  They believe with all their hearts in us…the future birth keepers. I know one thing…this “righteousness and victory” ain’t gonna crumble on my watch. un uh! Yet why are we faced with the struggle? I think part of this reason, is that we’re on the front lines. Sacred Birth Keepers across the globe see warrior women of all kind prepare for battle for the simple right to have their baby with no restrictions, no interventions, no guidelines, no routine procedures…talk about struggle. A woman planning a natural childbirth in a hospital at this time in our nations, must come equipped with a mighty voice, and she must be prepared to use it. Then you have the birth workers trying to support and advocate for her burning out at the sight of every surgical birth we witness. So ya…sometimes we feel out numbered, dismissed, and misunderstood, and quite frankly it feels like a struggle.  Sisters! It’s time to rise up! No more pity parties, no more hate, only LOVE. LOVE & FAITH. Today on new years day we get to write a new book, A book of birth faith and we’ve got 365 blank pages to fill so start prayin’! Set intentions, find only gratitude in your struggle~ for each birth prepares and teaches you for the next.  Have faith in this work, in our history, and our future and we will make change! We are empowered, we are righteous we are victorious. So Have A Little Faith…

Have a Little Faith by Michael Franti & Spearhead on Grooveshark