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Joyous Kwanzaa, Joyous Birth. SELF DETERMINATION

I’m so excited to write about today’s principle! *Squeal* On the second day of Kwanzaa we celebrate Kujichagulia. SELF DETERMINATION~ To define ourselves, name ourselves, create for ourselves and speak for ourselves.
*Deep Breathe* This means SO much in the realm of birth. First let us begin again with woman. What if every pregnant woman started her day by her defining herself? A daily Mantra that affirmed her essence! It may sound something like “I feel full of life bearing energy, my body is amazing and I completely trust my womb. I am centered in my deeper, stronger, wiser self. I am powerful in my pregnancy and birth, carrying this child is my rite of passage to motherhood.” Can you imagine the shift that would happen? Pregnant woman would be walking around with their heads up high and a little smirk behind their mouths and twinkle behind their eyes in knowing the sheer power they will unleash at birth. Defining ourselves daily can change our lives.
What name shall we bless these definitions with? To me it seems simple…MAMA. Yesterday I wrote about that moment in birth when a woman recognizes that she cannot be rescued from her birth…that this work is hers and hers alone. I wrote “It is at that moment a mother is born.” I think spiritually that holds true, but physically and emotionally we become mothers the moment we realize we are with child. In that one moment there is a small window of time that sheds light on the idea that she knows best. If only women could swing that window wide opened, step into the wind and light completely and take that confidence with them through the rest of their days. Often, the worry, doubt, and fear curtains the light and the confidence diminishes and we give our self care and pregnancy to another…we just hand it over and say “here~you take care of this.” Then we blindly, unconsciously with out any SELF DETERMINATION whatsoever let pregnancy and birth happen to us. It can be so different! So draw the curtains, open the window and name yourself…”I AM MAMA!!”
Behold what this can create for woman! When we start each day with an affirmation, set an intention and greet the world with a sense of purpose our accomplishments become limitless.We can create whatever our hearts desire for ourselves, but we have to do so with positivity and trust. In pregnancy that means finding a tribe that supports whatever experience we want to create. What needs to be highlighted is that we CREATE for OURSELVES. Take responsibility for your pregnancy and birth, don’t give it away, and find your authentic voice!
Speak for ourselves. A woman in pregnancy and birth must find her voice and use it! Over and over again I see women compromise their desires because they did not speak their hearts. I say hearts because making birth choices is not an intellectual process. Women have to connect with their bodies, touch their true nature, and speak form that place. She must not rely upon anyone else to speak for her. Like birthing her baby, this work is hers and hers alone. She must be loud! She must be sure her tribe knows what experience she is creating, but she must never give her voice away. Her authentic voice gives her power.And Power is what she needs…

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world. ~ Harriet Tubman