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Miss Piggy for Natural Birth

I found out this morning that Sesame Street is 40 years old today! Thank you Jim Henson! My family tuned into The Muppet Show every week…it was so special to us that my sister’s nickname became “Muppy” (I think she was the biggest fan) Now that I work within the birth community I tend to relate all things to birth. I know Jim and Jane Henson had five children of their own…I wish I knew those birth stories. I found a quote from Jim
“One of the nice things about puppets is that it’s your own hand in there. You can make it do anything you want it to.”
After I read that quote I wondered if Jim could have that affect on humans? I know a few obstetricians I would have introduced him to.
Ofcourse then I wondered which muppets Id like to have around for a birth. Since I believe birth is women’s work…right away I thought of Miss Piggy. She’d have made an amazing doula. Somewhere along the way I’ve read
“Uninhibited Birth-it ain’t pretty but it’s beautiful.” and Miss Piggy once said
“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it may be necessary from time to time to give a stupid or misinformed beholder a black eye.”