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Mother’s Day Manifesto

Mother's Day Manifesto

On this day our intention is LOVE.

We accept the gratitude & kindness of our loved ones with an open heart.

In return we will take a mindful moment to share our gratitude for…

Our HERstory

Our own mothers.

Our sister mothers.

Our husbands, wives, and partners.

Our blessed children.

For you we give thanks.

On this day we will be creative.

Create space.

Create art.

Create life.

Create joy…



Create what you want.

Our creations will inspire us to TRUST.

We are the heartbeat of our homes and our planet.

The rhythm of the Great Mother Earth.

Trust that… We. Are. Everything.

In this trust we are united.

In UNITY we will nurture humanity.

Mothers. Worldwide.

And so it is…