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Non Focused Awareness

Last week was my first class in my second 6 week childbirth education series. (That’s a mouthful) I let myself into the local college, and upon opening the front door, the alarm was triggered. I did my best at attempting to crack the code, but…I was unsuccessful. I merely continued to set up my room, and hope the siren would resolve itself. As my class started arriving, i was being interrogated by RCMP. Great first impression! If only I had thought to assign them their first Non Focused Awareness exercise. It would have quite possibly sounded like this…

“I hear sirens, the room feels chilly, the cop is intimidating my teacher, i hear keys jingling, my teacher can’t find her I.D. , pen scribbling on RCMP pad, my teacher is sweating, this room is cold! RCMP boots on floor, the cop is gone, ahhhh calming music. class starts.”