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Now Open: Soul Shine


It’s finally time. Soul Shine Pregnancy Empowerment Series is now open for registration. My 6 week online prenatal program is only offered a few times a year, so I encourage you to check it out & if you feel a BIG Soulful YES then your Soul Song is singing and you should follow the tune!
For over a year I have been putting my heart and soul into building this program for you. Soul Shine is designed from The BOLD Method for Birth curriculum and I have created a really unique style of delivering you heart-felt, intuition seeking, pregnancy empowering exercises, ancestral traditions, themes, worksheets and experiences.  My weekly video shout outs offer you a fun & easy way to learn the ideas behind our weekly pregnancy & birth themes, and your private Soulful Mama Online Connection page gives you access to all the course content, downloads & tip sheets. SOUL SHINE is super close to my heart because I have been working really hard to make this program unique, inspirational and most importantly effective in creating pregnancy empowerment in your life.  This is the only online prenatal series for black women designed to encourage the re-emergence of your intuition.
You get six weeks of fresh exercises, affirmations & tools that will have you doing the really challenging groundwork to be able to make pregnancy, birth & lifestyle choices from your Soulful Mama. The innately wise diva within you that knows what you desire, and stands in her power to create the experience on your journey to motherhood that you want.
If this resonates with you it’s because you’re Soulful Mama is ready to Shine bright!  SOUL SHINE Pregnancy Empowerment Series can support you on your journey.
Every two weeks you’ll have the opportunity to hang out with me live for our 3 Q&A’s where we’ll have open discussions, share our growth, and contemplate our challenges. You’ll receive pregnancy empowerment coaching through an individual embodied mentoring method that allows your intuition to thrive and awakens you to your inner desires & pregnancy & birth needs. I truly hope you’ll join me March 21st!