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Mama Said

Welcome Soulful Mamas! I’m so glad you’re here. Check out all the posts below to be inspired by hot topics I share from the web, my own authentic voice, or shut outs from other soulful mamas that have LOTS to teach us! Don’t forget to ‘Speak Your Mind’ in the comments section! Shine On!

Ode To My Eyes

It’s been a while…I have inspiration to be here today.  Mama Glow. She says ‘write a poem to a body part that needs LOVE…’ Ode To My Eyes Your chocolate  brown center delights Your brightness shines You seek the divine So you squint at every new line You force our face into awkward angles So […]


Birth Song

  Source: Sweetly Spoken Word Spoken Word has been an amazing outlet for my VOICE. Choosing to express how I feel in rhyme takes a certain patience. The same kind of patience needed to allow a mother and baby safe passage in childbirth.  Sometimes my spoken word doesn’t flow quite right and  I need to change the words […]

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High Moon

I didn’t notice the moonshine until it was gone… It inspired a piece. Moon’s bright and shinin’ high Clouds in the sky Come and go ’till the moon’s so low The coals are nearly out I kiss your mouth Hearts beat hard against chests You’ve got the fuel I’ve got the breathe Let’s stir it […]