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I meant to say “hello” once
We were having brunch
It was Good Friday
We celebrated my way
But I forgot to pay
Attention to you
I was busy making crock pot stew
Doting on the children who grew
But you were there too
So I’m gonna have to rewrite the scene for you

My hands cupped around your warm womb
I’m squatting in front of your belly room
And whisper ” I can’t wait to meet you!
Above- your sweet mama
Peering over her potluck plate
Reminds me of your due date
Says she can hardly wait, then smiles
Her smile brightens my whole place
And I look back to the space
You occupy and say
“Oh my!
Child you’re gonna have the nicest smile!”
Then your whole universe shakes
‘Cause your mama takes a belly laugh
That I’m sure makes you awake

I had so many opportunities to say “I know you”
Because I thought I’d know you
I missed you
I miss you
And it’s strange because I make it my whole business
To pay witness to babies in wombs
My heaven is a womb
I trust yours is too
So when we gather for brunch again
I’ll be sure to make time to touch heaven