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Passion For Birth

I’m in Calgary for the weekend. I’m participating in a Lamaze Childbirth Educator Training Seminar called ‘Passion For Birth’ You can check out what it’s all about at I found the website late one night and I thought…hmmmh this is the kind of childbirth educator I want to be. Then I realized it was a Lamaze accredited program…and I was immediately unsure. I never thought a perscribed method of breathing could work for every woman. So I did some homework and found out that Lamaze International has changed! They are determined to get the word out that today’s Lamaze is not the Lamaze of the 60’s. Women’s experience of normal, natural birth has provided the proof needed to spearhead the gradual but dramatic change of Lamaze being a method of giving birth to a philosophy of birth. You can learn more about these changes in their position paper: Lamaze for the 21st Century at