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Potlikker: The Original Green Juice




Breathe in PEACE, Breathe out LOVE…

That has been my mantra ALL WEEK! It’s a reminder to myself that my self talk creates my reality. If I take the time to observe & receive the positivity & peace that surrounds me & then give that strength out in acts of love, my reality…you know…the daily is a positive experience no matter what stresses I may encounter along the way.

I was overwhelmed last week. My body decided to let me in on that little fact by offering me some pre-term labour.  Gotta love the way my physical sensations can open my awareness to my emotional and spiritual sensations I was denying attention. So this is how I keep it real…I send a shout out! I say Hey…it happens to the best of us! It’s okay. Centre yourself, inhale, exhale & listen to the Soulful Mama within.

I cancelled my upcoming online series SOUL*SHINE, let go of some local commitments, stretched & strengthened, drank some herbal teas, cried a bit, laughed a bit and connected with my soul child within. I still have some sensations that feel like birth is coming, but definitely I have created more time, space and acceptance of that possibility.

Last weekend I attended the Roots-N-Bush Online Conference and I learned SO MUCH! One particular area that I am very interested in learning more about is SOUL*FOOD. When y’all say Soul Food I think of southern diners with deep fried chicken & waffles! Now we all know there is a time and place for that! But what I am interested in learning about is how we got Soul Food? The African Wisdom, healthy ingredients, and nutritional benefits of these traditional foods.

I learned about Soul Food Green Juice! Yes y’all heard me. Green Juice! There is so much information out there about the benefits of juicing! Juice Bars, Juice Trucks, Juice, Juice Juice!  I learned about Pot Liquor! Do ya’ll know about pot liquor? Nah Nah Nah…none of those thought of joints & shot glasses. I’m talking about “Potlikker” for your soul!

So what IS pot liquor? It’s the water left over after you’ve steamed your GREENS! Our African Mothers NEVER poured that “potlikker” away! No, it’s the Original Green Juice! Mustard, Collard, Turnip, Kale, Spinach….I don’t care what you use just look at all the nutrients packed into the bottom of the pot:

Vitamin A,B,C & K

Sounds like a prenatal packed shooter!

I recently pinned many websites on my Soulful Pregnancy, Birth & Lifestyle Pinterest Board to learn more! My favourite comment regarding the Righteous Brew was “It will kill infections, stop a cold in its tracks & heal a broken heart…” I’ll let y’all know when I make some for myself. Comment below if you have a recipe to share or a “potlikker” story I need to know about!

Stay Soulful!