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Protectors of the Perineum

For the last 5 years I have been called by midwifery. With every birth I attend the voice is clearer, the message stronger. On Thursday I was at a birth that went almost exactly the way my first birth went. The length of each stage was very close, accomplishing natural birth in the hospital, a doula, doubt, wonder, fear, safety…except one thing that was in abundance at the birth on Thursday that was missing from my birth was protection. We created a circle around this sweet mama, her man, her doula and her midwife…moving with her, bracing her, and staring the fear right out of her distance gaze. She knew every minute that this was normal birth. It was my first birth with a midwife, and it fills me with so much joy and inspiration to have seen a vagina and perineum trusted so completely. The patience at the crowning was so honest, so right. Barbara Harper told me that “A midwife is like a coyote…she sits by the hole and waits.” I’m ready to join the pack.