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Raising Intuition

I read a wonderful article in this month’s Mothering. Diana Lynn says “You don’t have to be psychic to help cultivate your child’s sixth sense.” Acknowledging one’s sixth sense is not mainstream practice. It is our responsibility to make certain our children understand that they are born not with five senses, but six. Actively work with them to facilitate their innate extrasensory perception.

As with any subject you consciously want your children to learn…play games. Intuition games. This is not your ordinary game of 20 questions-guessing is not allowed. The article gives the following example. Tell your child you are thinking of an animal. Ask them to feel what animal it is. First have your child feel where the animal lives. “Is it damp and dark like the jungle?” Is it sunny and dry like a desert?” Is it underwater? Do you hear a sound or smell something?” Before your child can answer those question provoke more use of intuition. “feel the ground” for heat or moisture, and “try on” different settings until one feels right. Once the child has the location, move on to the animal itself. Ask your child to pretend to stroke the animal. “Does it feel furry? Slick? How Big? Guide them through the possibilities until they know which animal it is. The more you play the better your child will do.

And what about your own sixth sense? How are we going to teach our children to nourish their intuition if we ourselves are not in tune? As women, we become pregnant and from the moment we see that little blue plus sign we become mothers. We change our whole being to provide the best for our child. In early pregnancy we focus on healthy choices,diets, and exercise; as we get closer to childbirth, we read birth stories, ask questions, take classes. We have become mothers who learn nothing of parenting. Honestly…at what other time do we need our intuition more? Conscious Mothers!…follow your parenting intuition-it will not lead you astray.