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Small Business BIG Impact Challenge

Womb To Grow has entered the Small Business BIG Impact Challenge here’s the three question’s I was asked, and my response to them:

What does your business do to make your community a better place to live?

Womb To Grow Boutique & Support Centre is Fernie’s first maternity store and perinatal support centre. I provide products and services that support women throughout their journey to motherhood. This support is having a BIG impact on my community in a number of different ways. Fernie is a rural community seeing a baby boom from 2009 to the present. Accessibility to mother and child friendly products was very limited. Being able to find what you need within town at competitive prices is very important to the residents here. Womb To Grow filled the need. Women come to Womb To Grow looking for maternity wear and leave with what they came to purchase and so much more. I always provide local prenatal resources, free information on birth issues and the advantages of doula supported childbirth. I offer memberships that entitle members to the use of my extensive lending library, as well as classes and workshops from prenatal education to cloth diapering. All of this education stays in the community. If one woman takes a class or workshop, ten or more hear about it, learn from others, or register for the next series themselves. Just like in most areas of life, if not even more so in the realm of motherhood…”Education is Power” Womb To Grow Boutique & Support Centre provides the products my clients want and the services they need.

Why have you chosen to take this approach?

“It takes a village to raise a child.” Childbirth lays the foundation of the journey to motherhood. Womb To Grow Boutique & Support Centre maintains that when a woman feels respected and empowered by her birth experience she’ll gain strength and determination to ease the, often challenging, transition to motherhood. The benefit lies in the fact that when the mother’s of Fernie are empowered and inspired the community thrives! There are many organizations that acknowledge the importance of women and girls to their communities. Womb To Grow is a business that recognizes this importance and chooses to focus on mothers. There are many mother’s in the community of Fernie who are inspired to find balance between mothering and professional work. They know the importance of having the right ‘tools” to do the job. The average cost of raising a child to age one is 10,000 dollars Womb To Grow provides many of the products needed during this time period. Womb To Grow benefits not only an economical level, but also on a social level. I too am a mother in Fernie, and so my strong community of mother’s will stand behind me when I say “It takes a village to raise a child.”

What advice would you give other business owners who might be considering this idea?

I absolutely believe in this model of business. My advice would be “If you can find a niche that combines products and services that compliment each other and benefit the community, your business will be successful.” Even companies who focus mainly on retail should consider providing services that are associated with the products they sell. The idea being when the retail side is slower, the services can help balance the cost of the stock on your shelves. This also works for companies in the service sector. It is a fairly common model, and when combined with issues that strengthen our communities and fuel social change the impact is BIG.

If you believe in the work I’m doing, please consider taking the time to cast a vote at the following link.

I’d appreciate it:)

I will keep this blog updated on my results as the challenge continues.