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Soul Lifestyle

Choosing your Soul Lifestyle is living authentically ~ It’s all about discovering how the Soulful Mama within you wants to spend her energy.  That means no one Soul Lifestyle is gonna be the same! But maybe you need a bit of inspiration to light your Soul Lifestyle fire!! Below are posts that highlight MY authenticity…the things I’m doing, approaches I’m learning, health & wellness tips I LOVE for new mamas and birth professionals and lots more! Check it out and shout out in the comments if you have Soul Lifestyle secrets to share!

#NormalizeNursing a Soulful Mama Lifestyle

Greetings Soulful Mamas! When I was rebranding my business I didn’t have to think too long about my tag line. I knew I wanted black women to connect with their soulful wisdom, and I knew I wanted to focus on pregnancy, birth & lifestyle. I’ve been getting some questions lately about the “lifestyle” portion of […]


birth rEVOLution

My sister Doula sent me a text wishing me a “Happy International Doula Month” and I nearly dropped my phone! I have NOTHING planned to celebrate! I texted back “HOLY S*%@!!!” Thank goodness for other Birth Visionaries on the planet because there is a birth rEVOLution sparking and we can join here in Fernie! May […]


World Doula Week

Greetings! What an amazing few months I have had! I have had highs and lows, fast and slows, intense and relaxed experiences that have all lead me to a feeling of balance. There is something to be said for feeling balanced…it has been a LONG time coming. I don’t quite expect to stay in this […]


Birth As A Human Right Film Fuels Action

Last week I screened the birth documentary ‘Freedom For Birth’ at the Arts Station in Fernie, BC. 16 of us gathered and were inspired by the films dedication to the fact that birth is a human right. Every woman has the right to give birth wherever and with whomever she chooses. In response to the […]


Freedom For Birth in Fernie

One World Birth in collaboration with Womb To Grow Birth Services presents FREEDOM FOR BIRTH! This Thursday January 10th is the first New Moon Movie Night of the year and I’m kicking off this celebration with a bang!  FREEDOM FOR BIRTH has been the it birth documentary in 2012 because it’s more than a film…it’s […]