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Soul Shine Unite: Pregnancy Empowerment Coaching

SOULSHINE.UNITESoul Shine Unite is the powerful relationship formed when you participate in my Pregnancy Empowerment Coaching Session.  These private sessions take us both on a mysterious journey to your pregnancy empowerment.  The wonder of this style of coaching is the unique process I use to get you to explore your Soul Song – the voice of your intuition.  Trademarked by The BOLD Method For Birth this Embodied Mentoring approach is designed to encourage you to unveil one or more of your inner desires, emotions, fears, hidden baggage, accomplishments, joys, as well as any other experiences that yearn to emerge for you.

As a trained facilitator in this style of coaching, I am committed to deep listening.  When I embark on this powerful journey with you, my role is to gently guide you into discovering your limiting beliefs, your own truths, your own deep wisdoms that need tender encouragement to be recognized and embodied by you as your own pregnancy empowerment. This style of coaching is built on the idea that you have all the answers to the questions you seek. Soul Shine Pregnancy Empowerment Coaching relies on deep listening, as your coach I have been trained to sense that there is something for you to explore by simply listening. With your permission we’ll take a piece of what you’ve said and go deeper using words, images and phrases.  We’ll trust the relationship between you the speaker and me the deep listener to guide us. It is in this relationship that we have the opportunity to engage with the mystery.

Typical Soul Shine Unite sessions will open with relaxation exercises, power center/chakra connections, and deep breathing.  We’ll move into the Soul Shine Unite coaching process where the journey we’ll go on is unknown to both of us. The mystery is yours to discover, and it becomes a powerful and enlightening experience. Then with my soft encouragement and support you’ll create action steps for you to take so you can stand in your pregnancy empowerment, and make pregnancy, birth, mothering or lifestyle choices from an authentic and intuitive place.

During each session you are offered:

Rose Water Refreshment

15-20 minute yoga nidra meditation

45 minute Embodied Mentoring

Angel & Truth Bomb Card Pick

Mp3 Recording of your session

PDF: Facilitator Notes, Reccomended Exercises & Action Steps


One Hour Soul Shine Unite Pregnancy Empowerment Session – $97 

Soul Shine Unite