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There’s still *womb to grow*…

I do believe it’s time for an update…I have been on quite the journey and this post is dedicated to taking you on the ride!
Spring 2011…I closed up shop! It was such a bummer. I was overwhelmed with feelings of disappointment, fear, failure, excitement, joy and confusion.  I spoke about this with only my man and my sisters, and when aquaintances asked me about it I would always say “It’s bitter sweet.” That summed up the situation perfectly.
I fell in love with being a doula all over again this spring, after attending a long but beautiful, undisturbed birth at the Fernie hospital.  I have been inspired ever since to grow my doula business and prenatal classes.

Summer 2011…Study, study, study.  This summer I took two midwifery courses with Gloria Lemay on WizIQ which I should mention is a fabulous forum for online education! I also took Karen Brody’s Birth Facilitator Training Program FEARtoFREEDOM.  I hosted a free Mother-Centered Birth workshop at Essential Yoga Studio as part of the certification process. After reading the comments on the participant evaluation forms I stand firmly behind the fact that we need to change the culture of birth.  FEARtoFREEDOM is the future!

Autum 2011…Autum is like a second spring~each leaf is a flower. I don’t know who wrote that, but I’m quoting my favourite yoga instructor Shona.  She always ends each class with a beautiful quote to take into the day. I was introduced to her class by participating in the 30 Day Challenge.  Shona teaches yoga for alignment.  Her class has you giving and receiving love, opening your heart & soul until you’re sweating and you don’t even know why because you just feel so good and wide open!  I won’t write too much about the challenge because I’ll be blogging about it on Authentic Mama, essentially *no pun intended* it was 30days of  yoga in 40 days time.

In September I attended another inspiring birth at the Fernie hospital. I witnessed a woman fully supported by her amazing birth team. She didn’t end up with the birth she had wanted, but her experience was that of a respected, loved, and worthy woman and that made all the difference.

At the end of October I screened a film at the Arts Station for New Moon Movie Night.  If  you don’t know the history of women gathering at the new moon I highly recommend that you read The Red Tent.  You may also want to attend this month’s film on New Moon Movie Night November 23rd.

A New Branch…whenever I start a new birth junkie project I say “I’ve grown a new branch” It works well with my business name Womb To Grow.  Also, there is the connection with the business branch. Mostly though I like to visualize one of my favourite meditations. Give it a try…

Find solitude, a comfortable sitting position on the floor and place your hands palms down on the floor next to your hips. Close your eyes and connect to your breath. Inhale slowly into your nose, and exhale slowly out your nose. Continue breathing this way until you feel relaxed. Now visualize your energy, your life force flowing through your body from the base of your spine up through the crown of your head and back down again with each breath you take. This energy flows right out through your palms into the ground rooting with mother nature the divine earth and draws strength from her as your energy’s join and travel the length of your spine together. Now when that energy reaches your crown it sends a beautiful vibration of branches, nerves, and positivity high into the sky! Then like the canopy of a willow tree it flows back to earth connecting the cycle. Receive this energy with every inhale and send your love and life force energy down with each exhale…

Another branch is growing…Under The Moon Fernie & Area is my newest adventure! I am so excited to have another excuse to gather with women and discuss all things motherhood… 

Finally! Home Parties for mamas! Under the Moon has the freshest gear for the hippest mamas AND gives you the opportunity to get your gals together to shop from your party! You’ll be the hostess with the most~ess when your friends see Under the Moon’s catalogue of items, and you have the opportunity to score some great deals by throwing a party! 

Winter?? Don’t rush me!  I’m starting to get excited about the epic Fernie powder, but as far as I’m concerned winter begins at the solstice! I’ll be hosting parties, teaching prenatal & FEARtoFREEDOM, screening films, attending births and studying midwifery…keep in touch!