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Understanding Your Value

This Business Be...

I’m so happy to be writing to you! I love writing. I feel enormous today! I have a swelling in my heart, a child in my womb, a message in my mind, and a vision in my SOUL. It’s time to share my Inner Song with you all.

You are new to me…this Soulful Mama Tribe I’ve created. Ya you’re in my tribe! You know how you got here…the thing is maybe you don’t know how I got here. I’m dancing along many pathways…the pathway in quest for my Birth Family, the one that explores African Culture & Traditions, over this way is my Mothering Journey, there’s the peaceful trail of Intentions, Prayer & Manifestation, the rock solid lane to Birth Companionship & I enjoy spending time on my route to abundance & professionalism.

It is this last pathway that is inspiring me to write about understanding your value. What does that mean to you? My value is vast and so are my values.  I believe my work is valuable, but I also value the idea that every woman deserves a doula…so how do I honour both? Sometimes it’s hard to find a balance between the two, especially in the realm of professionalism.  If your work is a calling, a gift to be shared with whomever is in need of sacred service, then understanding your value is one of the most important lessons you’ll ever learn. I never had a path to dance on that led to abundance and professionalism until I got a shout out from Stephanie Dawn & Karen Brody that blazed a message that resolved my value & values dilemma…”Create Wealth In Your Work So You Can Change The Culture Of Birth!” A business course designed specifically for those of us in sacred service! My Birth Business Rocks (MBBR)was what I was looking for.

It’s a long story… a leap of faith, an unexpected bank deposit, defending my desires to my man…all these hidden strengths that were about to be amplified! I enrolled in MBBR and I’ve had this “enormous” feeling ever since. The most life changing insights I received from the course was the strong encouragement to delve deep into my inner notions about my own worth, my limiting beliefs about money, and how to escape the barriers I was creating for myself. I learned that I don’t have to compromise my values to honour my value.  MBBR offered me exercises to facilitate my growth as an entrepreneur and emphasized the importance of my spiritual, physical, and emotional well being along the way.

When I think about my professional life I smile. MBBR gave me the confidence to authentically consider myself a business woman. My business has become such an important part of my daily. I’m not merely witnessing my business floating around my presence. I take active steps to elevate my business to where it will become easy to balance the dance of all my pathways and the money I need to maintain those paths! Since taking the course I’ve hosted my first online conference which generated revenue and built my contact list. I rebranded my business which has made room for so much growth and allowed me to discover and share exactly who I am and what I stand for.  My local doula work increased even after I raised my fees, and because of this increase I am able to offer significant discounts to those in need more often than ever before. I’ve created an online presence and Pregnancy Empowerment  Series that launches this month and my ability to balance my work and family life has drastically improved. The business skills this course offers are solid. I go back to them again and again and I’m not sure there is an end point in sight. It reminds me of a little gem of advice I learned in the course. “Professionalism is a muscle.” Ya’ll get it? You gotta exercise to stay fit. MBBR is like hot yoga for your professionalism! For me it gets easier and easier and I’m starting to see the results!

I’m nearing the end of my pregnancy and I have no fear or doubts about my ability to fiercely protect the time I’ll need to seal the bond that is mother & child, raise up this soul and remain the heartbeat of my home, all while growing my business. I trust and believe I am worth the balance of prosperity and life. All it took was one leap of faith, my first conscious investment in myself and my business skills to get me here. I would encourage anyone who is considering dancing on the pathway of My Birth Business Rocks to burry their hesitation, trust their intuition and make it happen. That is exactly what MBBR started in me…this enormous feeling that my sacred service can provide and sustain while benefiting those who I support with my work!

Are you interested in learning more about what I’ve created here at If you’re with child and want to embrace your African roots, feel confident with your choices, and rise up the Soulful Mama within on your journey to motherhood check out my free call SOUL*SHINE: 3 Secret Powers to a Soulful Pregnancy, Birth & Lifestyle this Friday!

Do you understand your value? Have you taken the time to go deep, and see what lies between you and prosperity? It’s time…go check out and open the gate to your own pathway of abundance & professionalism.

How do you balance honouring your value while maintaining the values of your sacred service? Speak your mind in the comments below