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Doula Love

 I would encourage anyone getting ready to have a baby to meet with Tanya

When we first found out we were pregnant, we already knew that we wanted to have a doula be a part of our experience. We set out to find a doula that would suit our needs and one that we could connect with individually as well. Right from our first meeting, we knew that Tanya was the right doula for us. Read More

 We were looking for a natural, intervention free childbirth and Tanya was ready and excited to help us reach that goal. Tanya was supportive and encouraging  with all aspect of the pregnancy and was able to help us answer question and address concerns. Tanya’s approach of providing information and education and letting the client make their own, informed decisions resonated well with us. Many of our meetings prior to the birth were as much about us and our relationship as they were about the upcoming birth. Tanya really helped us see beyond the birth and helped us look at the bigger picture of bringing a new child into our lives. As we got closer to the birth, Tanya did an excellent job at preparing us for all possible outcomes. We knew what we wanted, but Tanya had the wisdom to know that life doesn’t follow a script and that it is best to be well prepared. When the time came, we managed to do much of the labor at home and Tanya came to join us in the middle of the night when the contractions started to get more intense. Eventually we made the decision to go to the hospital and Tanya was right there, leading the way. I suspect we would have been at the hospital hours sooner if we didn’t have the reassurance that Tanya provided. The birth did not follow the plan we had set forth and Tanya provided some much needed stability when the world around us seemed to be falling apart. As the birth plan began to unravel, Tanya provided reassurance and support and really helped us focus on what was most important, the birth of a healthy baby. After (many) hours of labor when our son finally arrived, Tanya continued to provide love and support to our whole family. She helped us settle into the hospital room, brought us food, drinks and personal items to make our stay more comfortable. Tanya visited us many times in the hospital and every day once we got home. Our first home visitor was Tanya with home-made stew so we wouldn’t have to worry about making dinner and could focus on our little boy. Since we have been home, Tanya has continued to provide support with breastfeeding, diapering, and all things baby. Tanya has many times gone well above and beyond the call of duty to help our little family out. These months of pregnancy and the birth have engrained Tanya into our family and we couldn’t have imagined going through it all without the love and support that Tanya has provided. I would encourage anyone getting ready to have a baby to meet with Tanya and find out for yourself all that she can do for you. When we are ready to have our second baby, our doula momma will be the first phone call we make! ~ Mike

 We knew we had found an amazing spirit

My husband and I were the perfect candidates for a doula. Now that I know the services an excellent doula can provide, I would say everyone expecting is a perfect candidate for a doula… but I digress.  We were expecting and had almost no experience with pregnancies or births and had just moved to a new town. Our very first meeting with a local doula, Tanya, went so unbelievably well, we knew we had found an amazing spirit and an excellent resource for all our questions. Tanya was a wealth of information and encouraged us to be informed in our choices. We wanted to have a natural labour and childbirth and worked hard to that end. Without taking away from our spirit and optimism, Tanya also prepared us for the reality of many different birth stories. We had a very natural labour from start to 10cms for which I am very grateful. I couldn’t have done it without my wonderful birth partner, my husband, and our most faithful doula Tanya coming to our rescue at 4 o’clock in the morning!  We had a multi-day labour that was hard on both mom and dad and Tanya was such a great support to us both. Unfortunately our birth plan went out the window as we hit the pushing stage, but our doula had prepared us well for this possibility and when we were rushed into the Operating Room, we knew just what to do and where we wanted dad and baby! Tanya stayed with us throughout and was our greatest support during our hospital stay arriving with much needed healthy foods and other gifts to make our hospital stay comfortable and loving. Tanya was available to us for months before the birth, all during our labour and birth and well into our futures after the birth. She is our baby’s “Momma Doula” and we hope she will be a part of our lives ever after.  ~ Madi

She believed in me when I needed it most

Tanya was an essential part of my birth team. She was a great presence to have. She believed in me when I needed it most, reminding me that I am a strong woman and helped me embrace the highs and overcome the lows. She also had helpful techniques to change my baby’s position when he was stuck in the birth canal, which in turn helped me achieve my home birth that I always wanted. I am grateful to have had her at the birth of my son and would highly recommend her as a Doula.”~ Nicole

We wouldn’t want to have another baby without Tanya

Tanya helped me as a first time father. She made the transition into parenthood as seamless as I could picture it being. We wouldn’t want to have another baby without Tanya’s services. ~ Tim

Passionate knowledge and wisdom

Like many women out there, my labour experience didn’t go as planned; after having planned a natural birth I delivered my sweet boy by cesarean. Needless to say I felt very confused and vulnerable, and sooo thankful for my doula. Tanya was there with me 100% the whole way making sure I felt safe and strong and most importantly, loving my child. Thanks to her complete devotion, strong belief in me and amazing understanding of birth itself, I walked out of that birth room with dignity and power. What better way to start out as a mom! She has been there for me ever since guiding me with her passionate knowledge and wisdom.~ Sonia

I recommend her to all my friends!

I am very grateful that Tanya was with me during my pregnancy and birth experience. She is very resourceful and passionate about birth and I recommend her to all my friends who are considering a doula. I’m happy she was with me and my partner to help bring our son into the world.  ~ Jen

We felt empowered and knowledgeable

We used Tanya as our doula for the birth of our first child due in November 2009. Since my husband and I we were the first in both of our families to have a baby, we really were quite naïve when it comes to childbirth. Tanya supplied us with the knowledge needed to make informed choices and encouraged us to do further research in areas that interested us. We felt empowered and knowledgeable after our sessions with Tanya. She continued to supply information as we asked for it, but didn’t overload us, or make us feel overwhelmed. After preparing for a natural, drug-free hospital birth, we discovered at 37.5 weeks that we had a breech baby. Tanya pointed us in the right direction for methods to turn the baby and we tried everything, until the inevitable scheduled C-section day arrived. Tanya’s teachings helped us prepare for the C-section since we had learned to research our choices, ask questions and be confident in our decisions. As a result, we had a beautiful birth, with our own music playing, immediate initiation of breastfeeding in the OR, and minimum time apart from our baby. Tanya was waiting in our room when my husband and baby Ethan arrived from the OR. She encouraged skin-to-skin contact and supported my husband when nurses joked he looked like he was trying to breastfeed. She help my son and I learn the art of breastfeeding as soon as I was back from the OR and once we were settled, allowed us to marvel in our creation. In the overwhelming weeks following childbirth, Tanya was available to answer my millions of questions and support my natural instincts. She was most definitely an invaluable part of the birth of our son, signified by the way his face lights up when he sees her!~ Emily

She was there to celebrate with us!

For our first pregnancy my partner and I didn’t know what to expect from the whole birth experience, and if a doula would be right for us. We decided to use Tanya’s doula services because we felt that the extra support from another experienced woman would be helpful in dealing with the unknown. As it turned out, we couldn’t have seen doing it any other way. In times of difficulty, Tanya was there to add comforting touches, and help wherever necessary- warm towels, tea/beverage, music, massage, conversation, and empowerment. In times of confusion Tanya was there to answer our questions, and help us to manage our choices that we were presented with. When we were needing her support she was there as a loving, caring witness to the whole process for both myself and for my partner. And in times of joy she was there to celebrate with us. And when baby finally came- we celebrated!!! Tanya went the distance with us- a full 26 hours worth- and was an integral, supportive part of our son’s birth, my delivery experience, and my partners experience as a first time father-to-be. She is a great friend of ours today and we are so grateful to have had her with us.~ Allison

My husband felt more confident as a birthing partner

This was going to be my first birth and I was living on the other side of the world from my family. Although my mum was coming over for the birth, my only family support during my pregnancy was over the phone. A few months into my pregnancy I had a conversation with a friend who explained what a Doula was and how they help support you from early pregnancy until after birthing with tips for all stages. I was fortunate to find a Doula in town, Tanya Malcolm. We began to work with Tanya and connected with her right away. She showed us the ways my husband could help me through the birth and answered any questions we had about how my body was changing. Tanya’s passion for natural birth put my mind at ease with my decision to have a home birth. With my family so far away for the months leading up to the birth it was very comforting to know there was someone I could see and turn to. The day of my daughter’s birth, things moved very quickly and only my mum and my husband supported me through my labour. Tanya’s words and birthing tips, however, were there to help us deliver a healthy baby girl. My husband felt more confident as a birthing partner thanks to Tanya. I would recommend Tanya Malcolm to any mum to be.~ Kylie