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World Doula Week

What an amazing few months I have had! I have had highs and lows, fast and slows, intense and relaxed experiences that have all lead me to a feeling of balance. There is something to be said for feeling balanced…it has been a LONG time coming. I don’t quite expect to stay in this beautiful place, but you know  I’m going to honour and embrace it while it’s here!  It’s much like the Spring Equinox…the day and night are equal. A perfect balance of light and dark…that is how I feel today.

I haven’t connected with this blog and my voice in quite sometime so in celebration of World Doula Week…I write!

I discovered it was World Doula Week by accident. I was scrolling through my Facebook news feed and BOOM! There was the icon! At first I was really excited, but then a hint disappointment surfaced…I haven’t planned  a thing to celebrate?! That just ain’t right!

Right away I connected to the World Doula Week website and realized I could host a FREE screening of ‘Doula: The Ultimate Birth Companion’ because of a partnership of One World Birth and World Doula Week. Y’all know I jumped on that opportunity…here’s hoping I can make it happen.

That’s how I roll…I like producing events that support my work and raise awareness. Recently I partnered up with my good friend and local Fernie BC doula Rachel Cline to organize an event in celebration of International Women’s Day. Goddess Rising ~ A Day of Sisterhood! We planned, coordinated, marketed and produced a really unique day of empowerment workshops, drum circles, belly dancing, goddess yoga, mother daughter circles, and a screening of the film “The Moon Inside You” Over 75 women attended and celebrated their feminine shine!

It got REALLY interesting when I woke up in the middle of the night on February 5th with a strong urge to do MORE. To connect further and wider than my local community of women. I sat up in bed with anxiety. I was anxious because I felt isolated. I felt very alone when it came to my belief about birth, my deep rooted need to see change, and mostly I felt isolated from women of colour.  It was a shocking realization…the absolute need to connect with birth workers of colour.

My stars were aligned that night, because in an instant I realized what I needed to do. I was going to create a virtual event for birth workers of colour in celebration of Black History Month! I jumped out of bed and got to work! It was February 5th, 2013. I scheduled the event for the full moon…February 25th 2013. In 20 days I coordinated and produced my first online event and it satisfied the connection I was craving! In 20 days I found my tribe…and I have been thinking about all of you ever since!

There were so many precious insights shared by all the presenters at Birth Herstory 2013. I thought that I would connect strongest with many of the insights related to ‘birth.’ What’s interesting is that the words that resonated with me strongest came from the mighty Shafia Monroe of the International Center for Traditional Childbearing and she said quite simply “It’s normal to have your children with you.”

My voice spreads a message with a strong emphasis on birth, and the birth experience.  This is World Doula Week, I’m a doula, I witness birth, I love birth, I wanted to connect with women pf colour who share this journey. When I listen to Birth Herstory what I hear is a community of “Mothers.”  That is what birth makes us! So it’s no wonder why Shafia’s simple statement made me feel so connected and proud.  I LOVE having my children with me! Yet the general vibe I get from others is…”cut the cord already, let ’em go” There’s no shame in being with my children as much as possible…Thank You Shafia for reminding me…it’s normal.

Happy World Doula Week…may we support the birth of MOTHERS with pride!

Shine on!