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Yoga Nidra Extravaganza + NY Times on Breastfeeding

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UH-OH! Lots of you entered my Soul Shine Giveaway but y’all didn’t download your gift! When you enter the giveaway your yoga nidra meditation mp3 can be downloaded at the end! I hope you get your download before my giveaway ends on Monday! GO ON GIRL! I promise you’ll LOVE it!

Happy Friday! I got an email today from my girl Kimberley Seals Allers telling me about her participation in the NY Times Room for Debate on the politics of breastfeeding. Let me tell you, go check it out because Kimberley REPRESENTS and throws it down like we all need to be doing, speaking her truth! I’m so proud to be doing this soulful mama work beside such righteous women.

Karen Brody is another woman with super powers that I’ve been kickin’ it with lately! She has invited me to speak on her Free Webinar this coming Tuesday May 27th. We’ll be talking about how powerful Yoga Nidra Meditation is for pregnant women & postpartum moms, and how birth pros like you can learn to offer Yoga Nidra Meditation to your clients.

I couldn’t do the deep soul work, pregnancy empowerment coaching, balance my family life, and honour my self care with out Yoga Nidra Meditation! I’m so passionate about Yoga Nidra that next week I’m going to be offering those of you who commit to bringing this soulful mama work to your communities an exclusive Soul Shine Bonus! Keep it real and on the pulse.